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Stacy + Forrest

Photos: Sloane Photo


Stacy + Forrest

The Story of Mr. Forrest & Jimmy John’s Girl


Forrest’s Encounter:

April 2015 marked a turning point for Forrest, a boat salesman for Texas Malibu, who decided to unwind with some wakeboarding after work. Shirtless, with his wakeboard in the passenger seat, he stopped at Jimmy John’s for his usual order of two turkey sandwiches. At the drive-thru window, he was struck by the beauty of the girl serving him, blurting out his admiration before even paying. Handing her his laminated business card (a necessity in his line of work, albeit awkward in the moment) instead of pressing for her number, he left hoping for a text that, fortunately, came the next day. Despite a promising start, their initial attempts at dating fizzled out after a few weeks of texting. Months later, a chance placement in a Macroeconomics class at Texas State University rekindled their connection. An embarrassing exchange with the professor served as an icebreaker, leading to late-night study sessions and, eventually, their first kiss. Their relationship blossomed from there, leading to eight years of shared adventures, home remodels, and raising a chocolate lab, culminating in their upcoming marriage.

Stacy’s Perspective:

Stacy’s routine day working the drive-thru at Jimmy John’s took an unexpected turn when Forrest, tan, smiley, and confidently shirtless, complimented her beauty and asked for her number. Overwhelmed, especially in her Jimmy John’s uniform and with all her coworkers listening in through the headsets, she froze. Forrest left her his laminated business card, prompting her to text him the next day, though their initial dating attempts didn’t materialize due to Stacy’s dedication to her studies and a bit of stubbornness. It wasn’t until they coincidentally shared a Macroeconomics class at Texas State University that they gradually became closer. Forrest’s patient and respectful pursuit, characterized by his strategic seat-changing in class and his support during study sessions, eventually won Stacy over. Their relationship, sparked by a unique meet-cute and nurtured through mutual respect and patience, has flourished over eight years, leading to an engagement and plans for a future together.

This tale of serendipity, patience, and love showcases the unpredictable ways in which connections can form and develop, underscored by the importance of timing, mutual respect, and shared goals in building a lasting relationship.



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