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Looks of Love

Riley + Marcus

Photos: Edgerly Photography


Riley + Marcus

Fortune Found – Marcus & Riley Hit the Jackpot


Marc and Riley’s love story unfolds like a serendipitous journey, beginning under the vibrant lights of Las Vegas during the summer of 2017. Their initial meeting was a product of celebration; Riley was there to revel in her 21st birthday, while Marc was commemorating his brother’s same milestone. The desert city, known for its endless entertainment options, played host to their first encounter, but it was Riley’s younger sister, Natalie, who unknowingly set the stage for their romance. Natalie’s insistence on meeting some acquaintances led them on a trek from Caesars Palace to Bally’s, a walk made memorable by the blistering 100-degree heat.

The thread of fate that connected them in Las Vegas was not yet finished weaving its pattern. Merely two weeks later, the Willoughby Brewing Company, a local haunt situated a mere fifteen minutes from their childhood homes in Concord, Ohio, became the backdrop for their reencounter. This chance meeting led to the exchange of numbers and the beginning of a journey that neither Marc nor Riley could have anticipated.

Emboldened by their rekindled connection, Marc did not hesitate to ask Riley out on a date the very next day, a decision that marked the end of their separate paths and the beginning of their shared journey. Their bond, forged in the unpredictability of Las Vegas and strengthened in the familiarity of their hometown, prompted a mutual decision to embark on a new adventure together. Austin, Texas, became their chosen home, a place where they’ve laid down roots for nearly two years and where they plan to solidify their commitment to one another in May 2024.

Marc and Riley’s story is a testament to the power of chance encounters and the strength of connections that are meant to be. Their excitement about making their union official is a reflection of the deep love and commitment that has grown from a coincidental meeting to a lifetime partnership. As they look forward to their wedding and the continuation of their love story, Marc and Riley’s journey serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected paths lead to the most beautiful destinations.



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