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Looks of Love

Katherine + Scott

Photos: Vanessa Smith Photography


Katherine + Scott

Love at First Bite


Scott and Katherine’s love story began on a fateful Fourth of July in 2016 at Walnut Creek Park in Austin, Texas, a setting that would become the backdrop for their unexpected journey together. Katherine, exploring the park for the first time with her dog, Moose, was in search of the creek for a swim in Moose’s new life jacket. It was then she encountered Scott, who was also walking his dog, Bandit. Their initial interaction, sparked by Katherine’s request for directions, quickly transitioned into a significant moment as Scott guided her to the creek.

At the creek, an unforeseen incident brought them even closer. While Bandit and Moose played, a distressing situation unfolded as another dog attacked Bandit. Scott’s swift intervention to protect Bandit led to him sustaining several dog bites. Despite the chaos, Katherine’s concern for Scott’s well-being marked the beginning of their deep connection. Scott’s insistence on handling the hospital visit alone, yet ensuring he had Katherine’s contact information, set the stage for their future together.

Fast forward 7.5 years, Scott and Katherine are now married, celebrating two years of marriage. The incident at Walnut Creek Park, which left Scott with scars, has become a testament to their bond and shared commitment, symbolizing the unpredictability and resilience of love. Their household, still in North Austin, cherishes the company of Moose and Bandit, with the couple planning to continue their tradition of a dog-filled home.

As they navigate the challenges of Moose’s declining health, their story is a poignant reminder of the fleeting moments we share with our loved ones and the strength of relationships forged in the most unexpected circumstances. Their journey from a chance meeting in a park to a life filled with shared memories and the companionship of their dogs underscores the beauty of finding love in unexpected places and the enduring nature of the bonds we form.


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