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Looks of Love

Meet our 2024 Looks of Love Contest Winners!

Our annual Looks of Love Contest has been one for the books! We are honored to have heard so many incredible love stories over the past few weeks and received so many votes. Our 2024 Looks of Love winners are Julia & Courtney! Their engagement photos were captured by Darnell Porter and we are thrilled to award them with the ultimate date night gift card. Read their love story below and thank you again for voting. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Photos: Darnell Porter


Julia + Courtney

Making First Impressions Count Amidst a Snow Storm


Courtney and Julia’s love story unfolded in a modern, digital age manner, beginning with a moment of serendipity on Instagram in July 2020. Courtney, captivated by a reposted picture of Julia, felt an immediate attraction and a sense that Julia was someone special she wanted to get to know. This digital encounter set the stage for what would become a deep and meaningful connection.

Taking the initiative, Courtney reached out to Julia by sending a friend request, which gradually evolved into exchanging likes and engaging in light conversations over direct messages. Their topics of discussion, ranging from sports and shoes to music, hinted at their shared interests and laid the foundation for their burgeoning relationship. Courtney’s decision to ask Julia out in December 2020 marked the transition from online interactions to a real-world connection. Their first date, a blend of dinner, drinks, flowers, and laughter, confirmed the chemistry they both felt online.

Their relationship was still in its early stages when they experienced their first Valentine’s Day together, not yet officially a couple but enjoying the thrill of getting to know each other. The unexpected challenge of the severe winter snowstorm in Texas, which led to widespread power outages and water shortages, became an unforeseen test of their compatibility and resilience. Forced to stay together due to the extreme weather conditions, along with Peanut, their dog, and Courtney’s mother, they found themselves in a unique situation that would intimidate many new relationships.

Despite the challenges posed by the snowstorm, including intermittent electricity and the lack of running water, Courtney, Julia, and Courtney’s mother managed to turn the situation into an opportunity to bond and create unforgettable memories. The ordeal proved to them that their connection was not only strong but could withstand adversity, even in the early stages of getting to know each other.

The snowstorm, while daunting, became a defining moment in Courtney and Julia’s relationship, illustrating the power of love and compatibility to overcome unexpected challenges. Their story is a testament to the idea that when two people are meant to be together, they can weather any storm—literally and metaphorically. As they moved forward from that defining winter, their bond was solidified, proving that the foundation they had built was not just based on initial attraction but on a deep, enduring connection capable of navigating the unpredictabilities of life.



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