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Looks of Love

Melody + Andrew

Photos: Stella Shots Media


Melody + Andrew

Every Great Love Story Begins with Queso & Margs


Drew and Melody’s love story began in the charmingly casual setting of a Tex Mex restaurant in 2016, where simple gestures of affection laid the groundwork for a deep and lasting relationship. Drew, working as a waiter, caught Melody’s eye, and her weekly visits became about more than just the food. Drew’s offerings of free queso and margaritas were not only the way to Melody’s heart but also subtle tokens of interest, making each visit a highlight of her week. Melody, smitten by Drew’s charm and kindness, took the bold step of leaving her number on the receipt, a move that would eventually bridge the gap between customer and friend to something much more.

Despite the immediate connection, their story took its time to unfold. For two years, their lives followed separate paths, a testament to the notion that timing is everything in matters of the heart. It wasn’t until February 2018 that their schedules and lives aligned, allowing them to go on their first official date. This date marked the beginning of a new chapter, proving that some things are worth the wait.

Now, years after that pivotal first date, Drew and Melody have built a life together, recently taking the significant step of buying a house. Their love for each other is matched only by their love for their two dogs, with whom they share their home and lives. The couple is eagerly anticipating their wedding in May, a celebration that promises to be a joyful affirmation of their journey from casual encounters to profound companionship.

Melody sees Drew not just as her partner but as her best friend, a source of unwavering support and joy in her life. Their story is a beautiful reminder that love can start from the simplest of interactions and grow into something truly extraordinary. As they prepare to exchange vows and officially begin their life together as a married couple, Drew and Melody’s story celebrates the unexpected ways in which love can enter our lives and change them forever.



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