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Looks of Love

Michelle + Rob

Photos: Joanna and Brett Photography


Michelle + Rob

From Boston to Austin, Michelle & Rob Were Meant to Be


Michelle and Rob’s love story began in Upstate New York, their shared hometown. Their first encounter took place on September 1, 2017. At the time, Michelle was living in Rochester, NY, and Rob resided in Boston, MA. Michelle’s colleague, Christine, married to Rob’s friend Steven, hosted a party on Labor Day weekend. Despite her initial reluctance, Michelle was persuaded by her friends to attend, and Rob, visiting home for the weekend, was also there.

Surrounded by friends and a crackling fire, Michelle and Rob were introduced. Engrossed in conversation, they spent three hours chatting, oblivious to the fact that everyone else had moved inside. The night concluded with a dance party in the kitchen, grooving to Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and other throwback hits, where they shared their first dance—a moment marking the beginning of their history.

In 2018, Michelle moved to Austin but stayed in touch with Rob, bridging the distance between them. Their first official one-on-one date happened when Michelle returned home for Christmas that year, laying the foundation for their relationship. After a year of long-distance, with countless trips between Austin and Boston, Rob decided to move to Austin. Five years on, they’ve made Austin their home, along with their fur child, Ellie.

Curious about the proposal? Rob, having the ring for a few months, struggled with planning the perfect proposal. With Christmas being Michelle’s favorite holiday, he suggested taking holiday photos—a first for them. On the morning of the photoshoot, as they prepared, Rob mentioned a friend would assist with the photos. At the park, amidst a vast field, Michelle turned to get Ellie ready. When she turned back, Rob was on one knee, ring in hand. Overwhelmed with nerves, Rob proposed, and Michelle joyfully accepted on December 17, 2022.

They will exchange vows on August 31, 2024, commemorating the seventh anniversary of the weekend they first met, marking a beautiful milestone in their love story that began with an unexpected meeting and blossomed into a lifetime commitment.



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