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Everything You Need to Know About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photos. Who know two little words could be so intimidating? Luckily, pro boudoir photographer Melissa Glynn is assuring us that there’s nothing about boudoir photography that a bride should be nervous about! In fact, she promises a lingerie-clad shoot can be not only empowering, but SO MUCH FUN! Read on for her answers to ALL our burning questions on her sessions.

boudoir photography

Photo // Melissa Glynn Photography

How is boudoir photography different from wedding/engagement photography?

Boudoir sessions are all about focusing on you – making you feel beautiful, sexy and empowered. It’s amazing to watch a woman’s confidence soar during these sessions. Typically, she starts off a bit shy and unsure, but after the first few images are captured and she sees proof on the back of my camera of just how gorgeous she , she starts to see herself in a new way and the confidence radiates!

How can a bride get comfortable in such an intimate setting?

I strive to make sure every lady who steps in front of my camera feels comfortable from the start. I love to set up a call before every boudoir session in order to help us get to know each other and get the ideas flowing on what you want your session to be about or look like. The day of the shoot we chat while you get your hair and makeup done, go over your outfits, play lots of great music, and even partake in some liquid courage in the form of mimosas. That always helps soothe the nerves a bit!

What does a boudoir session look like?

Most of my boudoir sessions take place at my home studio, but you are welcome to make your session happen wherever you like. Other locations I have shot at include local hotels, homes of clients, Airbnb rentals, bars, parking lots and even a public park. I love when ladies have specific visions for their shoot or want to try new things, but the usual session includes doing hair and makeup at my home studio by one of my favorite local artists while you sip champagne and we go through your wardrobe options. Then we move on to shooting where I will guide you through a series of poses to help create an organic and natural style of photo that looks like the “girl next door” as well as some poses that are more sexy and seductive. It’s always good for us to chat before hand to discuss the types of images you want to create, that way we already have a plan for your shoot and know what you’re comfortable with.

What does a bride need to bring to her boudoir session?

Wardrobe! Bring options that are sexy, comfy and cute! Bring things that you LOVE and make you feel super sexy…and if you’re doing it as a gift for your partner, bring something they love too. It’s so great to have variety to work with, so bringing a few different items like a chemise, a bra and panty look, and a cozy slouchy top with some high-waist panties guarantees that you get very different styles of photos out of each outfit.

Aside from wardrobe you can also bring accessories like shoes, jewelry and stockings, props like his favorite guitar or football jersey, and your favorite play list of songs to get you hyped and in a playful and fun mood.

Tips on shopping for lingerie, robes, etc?

First and so important, get professionally fitted for your bras to ensure they fit perfectly! There are some great local shops in Austin that offer this service like Petticoat Fair. Not only will they help you find the perfect size, but their selection is amazing when it comes to bras and sexy lingerie.

Variety is key! It’s always better to have too many options than not enough.

If you don’t LOVE it or don’t feel AMAZING in it, don’t use it. These photos are so special and typically something you don’t do that often – so make sure you love every step of the process!

And, last but not least, don’t stress too much over your wardrobe. If you’re not sure what to wear, I’m happy to help you come up with great ideas, or you can get inspiration on my website or Pinterest. Overall, have fun with it!

What do you find is the #1 reason brides choose to take boudoir photos?

Brides typically do their boudoir session for two reasons that tie for the #1 spot: they want to gift the photos in a fun way for their fiancé on their wedding day AND they want to do it for themselves because they are typically in the best shape around their wedding day and always thought about doing it, and now they have a reason to celebrate themselves. Celebrating yourself is my favorite reason to do a boudoir session. If you need a self-esteem boost or just have been in a funk lately and need to shake it off (or if you just want to feel beautiful and get pampered for a day), do a boudoir session! It’s one of the best gifts a lady can give to herself!

Ready to book your boudoir shoot? Contact Melissa Glynn directly on her Brides of Austin profile here.

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