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Behind the Lens with Art of You Boudoir

Bridal boudoir photography is intimate and personal, and when searching for a photographer it’s vital to select a team who prioritizes YOU. The team at  Art of You Boudoir are experts in capturing captivating and empowering boudoir photography, all while providing a warm, welcoming environment where you can confidently embrace your sensuality.

Read on to hear firsthand from Chris and Arleen, husband and wife duo and co-owners of Art of You Boudoir, who are sharing everything you need to know about the elevated experience you’ll find when booking with their talented team.

Art of You Boudoir Photography Austin

Photos // Art of You Boudoir

A Personal Letter from Art of You Boudoir

Dear Bride-to-Be,

As you navigate through the excitement and butterflies of your wedding preparations, I want to share with you a little sanctuary we’ve created. It’s a place called Art of You Boudoir, where we celebrate something truly remarkable: the journey of love and self-empowerment that only bridal boudoir photography can capture.

Imagine a peaceful interlude in your busy schedule, a moment where it’s all about celebrating you—your journey, your beauty, your anticipation of marriage. It’s a uniquely intimate gift you can share with your spouse, a testament to the love and confidence that embodies the woman you are right now, on the brink of this beautiful new chapter.

Austin Bridal Boudoir Photography Art of You

I’ve heard so many stories from brides who found a sense of transformation and self-discovery through their bridal boudoir experience. It’s not just about the stunning photographs — it’s the magic that happens behind the scenes, too. The laughter, the nerves melting away, the radiant smiles captured in the camera’s flash. If you’re curious, take a peek at what past clients have said on our Testimonials Page. Their words paint the best picture of the Art of You Boudoir experience.

We’ve put together photography packages that are as diverse as the brides we meet. Whether you envision a cozy session in our dedicated studio, adorned with chic sets for every mood, or a personalized shoot at a location that speaks to you, it’s all about crafting a space where your story unfolds naturally.

Art of You Boudoir Austin

And I should mention, our team here is pretty exceptional, too! Led by a photographer who respects the unique sensitivities of a bridal boudoir session and supported by a talented all-female staff, we create an environment that’s as secure and comfortable as it is empowering. From professional hair and makeup to the way we respect your privacy, every detail is about making you feel absolutely amazing.

Your images? They’re your keepsakes, your private celebration, handled with the utmost discretion and care. It’s your choice how you want to share them, if at all. That’s a promise.

Austin boudoir photography Art of You Boudoir

Whenever you’re ready to explore this idea further, feel free to just drop by our Experience Page. And when you feel that spark of excitement at the thought of doing something incredibly special for yourself and the love of your life, give us a shout; we’d love to hear from you! We can plan this journey together, creating a gift of intimacy and love that you’ll both treasure forever.

We look forward to creating art with you!

Chris & Arleen

See more of Chris and Arleen’s incredible work by exploring their Wed Society | Austin profile, website, and Instagram.

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