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Everything You’re Too Scared to Ask About Wedding Boudoir Photography

If the topic of wedding boudoir photography still makes your face flush, this one just might be for you! Planning for a boudoir session can be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s your first time. The ultimate goal is for you to leave the shoot feeling confident, empowered, and maybe have a few hot snaps to stow away for your soon-to-be spouse, but long before you show up there are some things you’ll want to know! Maybe you’ve been a little nervous to book a session, or are wondering if wedding boudoir photography is right for you. Read on, whichever way you’re leaning, where we’ll cover everything you need to know – including the questions you didn’t even know you needed answers to! Cheers!


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What exactly is wedding boudoir photography (and should I be doing it)?

While some may know the term ‘boudoir’ to be a derivative of the French word ‘boudeur,’ meaning sulky, more people will relate to the word boudoir as a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room. Boudoir photography is all about those intimate moments alone in getting-ready quarters with an emphasis on capturing sensuality. The mystique and risqué nature of the boudoir vibe is what has kept it taboo over the years, but with rising body positivity and female empowerment movements, the narrative is quickly changing. Wedding boudoir photography is now a popular gift between spouses, exchanged on or before the wedding day. Photographers with this specialty pride themselves on maintaining clients’ dignity, privacy and above all, their boundaries.


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Do I have to be naked?

No! The goal of boudoir photography is for you to feel like your sexiest self, no matter what that means for you. In boudoir, nudity is often implied but rarely shown. Your bridal veil, a silky robe, some lingerie or even some of your partner’s clothing can all work as perfect ensembles for your first wedding boudoir session. Feel free to get creative with what you wear to cover up as little or as much as you’d like. Your flower bouquet, accessories, and bridal shoes can also add an extra touch of personalization to photos. Additionally, open communication between both parties can help determine how heavily your photographer plans to retouch any problem areas of your photos, if at all.


Can my partner join in?

This varies depending on the photographer you choose! Couples’ boudoir shoots can be steamy and romantic, creating intimate photos for you and your spouse to share for years to come while serving as a bonding experience in the process. They can be in a few shots or join you for the whole gallery. Bring your own props for some fun photos or let your natural body chemistry do all the talking. Having each other around can help both parties feel more confident and creative.



Should I book someone I’m already comfortable around?

Booking your wedding boudoir photography session with a professional goes a long way in terms of making sure you receive the highest quality experience possible. Read the reviews and peruse their line of work to see if you love their style as well as what past clients had to say about their sessions. An average local photographer might take beautiful photos but could have no experience posing bridal boudoir shots, or boudoir for bodies of all types. While a little research is always beneficial to ensure your investment in photography is well-placed, we highly recommend working with specialists in wedding boudoir photography, like Art of You Boudoir. This ensures that your money is well-spent on pictures you are guaranteed to love afterward.


What if I don’t know how to be sexy in front of the camera?

Firstly, when you look your best, you’ll feel your very best. Professional glamming will make you feel like a goddess before your wedding boudoir session begins, and we say to let your photographer handle the rest! Outfit selection, posing, and guidance from your photog can ease your mind and allow you to relax and be yourself. They know all the tricks to making you look your absolute hottest, so trust the process!


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How can I prepare for my wedding boudoir session?

Splurge on yourself and go for a little lingerie shopping. Self-care however you do best, whether that means a mani-pedi or DIY face mask to get in the right, pampered headspace. Shave or wax however you see fit, and start brainstorming about any specific poses, outfits, or ideas you might want to try while in the studio. Pick out your best features and decide what parts of your face or body you’d like to accentuate. Just keep calm, knowing that you’re in the hands of true professionals who do this all the time! They are there to support and empower you, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

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