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3 Special Times You’ll Want to Have Your Wedding Photographer Capture

It’s all about the special moments, right? When you’re in the midst of the season of engagement, life is full of those special moments, and you want to make sure they’re all captured! From some must-have pre-wedding images to one of the best wedding moments you’ll definitely want captured, we’re sharing ideas from these talented Austin wedding photographers of the photos you’ll want to have for posterity once the wedding day has come and gone. Scroll down to see some of their must-have moments!

The Engagement Session

engagement session with wedding photographer

Photo: David McCandless Photography

Why do an engagement session?

Investing in an engagement session with your wedding photographer is important for SO many reasons. It’s a chance not only to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you before the big day, but to get comfortable in front of the camera! It’s an opportunity for photos in a relaxed, fun setting – like this image from David McCandless Photography illustrates – where you can really express yourselves and your personalities. Choose a location that’s meaningful to you, wear outfits that you feel genuinely comfortable and confident in and have FUN with your fiancé.


A Sultry Boudoir Shot

boudoir photography with austin wedding photographer

Photo: Melissa Glynn Photography

Should I really do a boudoir session?

We know what you’re probably thinking – “I could never feel confident enough to do a boudoir session!” Enter: a seasoned boudoir photographer who not only knows the best poses but whose presence can help you feel confident enough to ROCK a session like this. Why invest in a boudoir session to begin with? Well, as Melissa Glynn Photography puts it, these sessions capture what makes a bride so fantastically wonderful, beautiful, fun and fabulous. A boudoir session is filled with moments where you’ll feel absolutely amazing in your own skin – whether you choose to give a boudoir album as a gift for your spouse, or just want to do the session for yourself, look at these images as a way to capture a different side of you. An exquisitely beautiful side, at that!


The Grand Exit

exit shot from austin wedding photographer

Photo: CC Photofactory

Why make sure your wedding photographer stays until the end?

Many photography packages only include a set number of hours, which means you may have some decisions to make when it comes to parts of the wedding day you definitely want captured. As evident in this gorgeous image from CC Photofactory, having your wedding photographer stay until your grand exit is never a bad idea! The grand exit photos are always so fun, no matter if you do a sparkler exit, bubbles, streamers or just a classic walk-and-wave! You won’t regret having photos of the moment you walk out of your wedding as a newly married couple, surrounded by your closest loved ones cheering you on. As a bonus, the classic getaway car photos are not only timeless, but always full of the most genuinely peaceful, joyful expressions. You’re JUST MARRIED, after all!

When hiring an Austin wedding photographer, make sure you chat with them about all of the big moments you want to capture before and during the big day. This season of life is a fleeting one – make the most of it with images and memories you’ll cherish forever! Cheers!

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