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Check Out These Virtual Date Night Ideas

Social distancing gets 10 times harder when you have to do it with your significant other. However, just because you can’t physically go on dates doesn’t mean dates are completely out of the question. Spice up your video chatting with a virtual date night! There are plenty of fun and creative virtual date ideas that make the distance not so terrible. Whether you’re social distancing or in a long-distance relationship, these virtual date night ideas will make you feel like they’re right there with you!

Virtual Date Night Ideas

Board Game Night

I don’t know what it is about board games, but they just never get old. If your significant other tends to be on the competitive side, this option is guaranteed entertainment. First thing’s first, pick a video chat service to use! There are tons to choose including Facetime, Skype, Zoom and Google Hangout. Using a computer is best because you’ll need to be able to share your screen, and this function isn’t available on phones. Then, pick a board game, set up your computer, and play away! You will move all the pieces, spin the spinner and draw any cards for both you and your boo. BONUS: if you cheat, they can’t stop you!

Dinner Date

While going out to eat with your love is always special, virtual dinner dates can be just as romantic and maybe even more fun. There’s also a number of ways to go about this. If you’re going for the elegant night out vibe, get all dressed up and order food from a nice restaurant you both like. Create the fancy restaurant ambiance by lighting some candles, putting your food on nice plates, and using actual silverware instead of the plastic utensils they put in the bag. If casual is more your thing, order take out or cook together! Make things more interesting by choosing where each other has to order from or the meal they have to make!

Cocktail Night

It’s time to find out who has a secret bartender talent. Find one or two fancy cocktail recipes online and see who can recreate it the best! If your tastes in alcoholic beverages differ, each of you can find recipes you’d actually enjoy and keep the same concept of making it look like the picture. Either way, whoever’s looks closest to the picture wins! If you don’t drink, make a mocktail!

Movie Night

Movie nights are a classic. They’re such a classic that Netflix created Netflix Party so that you can have them virtually! It allows you to play, pause, fast-forward or rewind a movie in sync with others watching, so it’s like you’re watching the same screen. However, you must have a Netflix account to use it. One thing to note is that it doesn’t include video chat, only messaging, but you can always do that on another device while the movie plays! If you don’t have a Netflix account or Netflix doesn’t have the movie you want, try Zoom! Zoom allows you to share your screen that’s playing the movie with the other person AND you can see each other. Keep in mind free Zoom meetings max out at 40 minutes, but you can just end the meeting, start a new one, and resume the movie. Pop some popcorn and you’re ready to go!

Dance Party

If you’re looking for a more exciting, non-traditional date night idea, a dance party is the answer to your prayers. Log onto whichever video chat service you prefer, determine which one of you will be the DJ or DJ for now, and dance, dance, dance. Make it interesting by doing dance challenges! Learn a dance, come up with a dance, or play add on! This can be done one of two ways.

  1. You do a dance move, your partner repeats it, adds to it, and sends it back for you to start at the beginning and then add on to their move. Keep adding on dance moves and starting at the beginning until one of you forgets a dance move!
  2. You do two dance moves. Your last move becomes your partner’s first move and they come up with their own second move. That second move then becomes your first move, you choose a second move, and so on. The first to mess up loses!

Painting Night

Get artsy and have a paint date! All you need to buy is some cheap canvases, paint and paintbrushes at your local Target or craft store. Find a painting online for both of you to recreate or assign each other a painting! It can be as easy or as difficult as you and your hubby desire!

Baking Night

Craving sweets? Have a bake-off! Once again, find something to recreate and see who bakes it best. This will have to be based off sight instead of taste. I guess you can choose whether or not to be truthful about how tasty yours actually is! Everyone loves a pretty cake, cupcake or cookie, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Try baking a cobbler, cinnamon rolls, fritters or soufflés! To get the full effect, try to make as much as you can from scratch!

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