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Hello Sugar — It Hurts Less Here!

Getting your first bikini wax can feel intimidating. You may feel exposed, uncomfortable or shy upon arrival, not to mention the pain of waxing. The experts at Hello Sugar are aware of these concerns, and they’ve designed their business with you in mind!

If you’re considering a wax of any kind before your big day, the estheticians in Austin would be more than happy to assist you. Keep reading to see what sets Hello Sugar apart!

Photos: Courtesy of Hello Sugar


The Hello Sugar Difference

The experts at Hello Sugar know waxing is never pain free, but they are experts at softening the experience as much as possible. They are on a mission to help you feel confidently smooth while keeping you comfortable. 

They achieve this with their proprietary technique, which emphasizes pain reduction. Additionally, every esthetician at Hello Sugar undergoes a stringent certification process centered on pain management techniques. Last but not least, Hello Sugar prioritizes your skin type. They choose between four different waxes and sugars to ensure you receive the smoothest experience.

Along with special techniques and quality waxes or sugars, the employees at Hello Sugar make your comfort a top priority. Whether a receptionist or esthetician, the team is committed to giving you a welcoming, care-free experience. The experts are also happy to help craft you a home care routine to help achieve the best results from waxing and improve any skin and hair concerns!


First Time Prep

If it’s your first time getting a wax, don’t sweat it! These six tips will help you prepare so you can walk in with confidence. 

  • Exfoliate the day before your appointment. This will achieve the cleanest result.
  • Hydrate well the week prior to your appointment. Hydrated skin recovers better than dry skin!
  • Avoid caffeine 3-4 hours before because it increases pain.
  • You’ll experience less pain during the follicular phase of your cycle (the week after your menstrual cycle ends), so plan accordingly! 
  • Know that waxing/sugaring gets much less painful after the first time if you’re consistent with it. Your esthetician will get you through it!
  • Be sure to wear or bring loose clothes for after your appointment.


Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve made plans to get your first bikini wax the week before your wedding, think again. The experts at Hello Sugar recommend starting Brazilian waxing at least three months before your big day. Keep reading to learn why.

3rd Time’s a Charm

First time waxes or sugars may not get all the hair, so don’t expect perfection! There may be short hairs left and the hair that grows back will come in layers. This is due to the hair being on different growth cycles. 

Waxing consistently with four weeks in between appointments allows the experts at Hello Sugar to slowly match up your hair growth cycles, which results in smoother waxes and increased time being hair free. This is because your hair will be growing back together rather than in random intervals. 

Three appointments ahead of an event is ideal so that you’re as smooth as possible — and for as long as possible — before your wedding day and honeymoon! 

Resolving Skin Concerns

Three months of time gives the estheticians time to work on any skin concerns that may arise between your first few appointments, such as in-grown hairs or pigmentation. This way, you can be confident for your big day!

Growth Cycles

Getting your hair growth cycles matched up by waxing every four weeks allows for the experts at Hello Sugar to pull hair at the optimal time. This helps them to get the largest amount of roots out at the appointment. By pulling out the roots, they achieve thinner hair, leading to less pain and longer intervals of smooth skin.

Avoiding Irritation

Doing a first wax or sugar right before an event is not ideal because your skin may be a little irritated for a day or two — something you want to avoid! Additionally, there is a slight chance you may have a skin reaction. In this rare case, waxing or sugaring early will allow the team to soothe any irritation so you don’t have to deal with it on your special day. 

The good news? Your skin does better as you continue waxing, so by starting a few months out, you remove the risk of any severe issues interfering with your event. Just like you wouldn’t try a new med spa treatment the day before your wedding, the same is true with your first Brazilian!

If you plan on getting a wax or sugar treatment before your big day, consider your local Austin Hello Sugar. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and comfort is unmatched! With three locations in the Austin area, you’re sure to find a Hello Sugar near you. Learn more about their services on their vendor profile here.

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