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Everything you Need to Know About Tipping Wedding Vendors

From which vendors to tip to when, our sales manager, Angie, is sharing all her advice on tipping your wedding vendors!

When it comes to tipping, the bride should tip anyone from the musician to their makeup artist to their wedding planner! Your wedding vendors will go above and beyond on your wedding day to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, and tipping them is a simple way to thank them for everything they’re doing. Brides should plan out when exactly they will be tipping their vendors. Not all vendors will be present on the wedding day, so having a plan in place on when to tip them will keep you organized and stress-free! If you aren’t able to tip your vendors, there are other ways to thank them for their services! From writing a heartfelt thank you letter or online review to giving them a gift, there are so many ways to make your vendors feel just as special as they made you feel on your big day!

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