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All the Things You Need to Know About Elopements

Thinking about eloping for your big day? Our sales manager, Angie, is sharing her tips on all things wedding elopements!

All the Things You Need to Know About Elopements

The past year has brought many changes to the world of weddings and has taught us how to adjust to unexpected circumstances with creativity! One of the biggest trends that has continued since 2020 is the growing popularity of elopements. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful and intimate weddings, and we’re here to help you plan all things elopements!

Elopements vs Micro Weddings

Elopements are the actual act of getting married. They are typically shared between just you, your partner, and your officiant, but they can also be extended to a very small group of people. Micro Weddings are just like your typical wedding with a ceremony and reception, just scaled down to a more intimate group of your closest family and friends.

Why You May Choose an Elopement

There are several reasons you may choose to elope, and it comes down to how you want to celebrate your day with your partner. You may choose to elope to save money, as elopements can be beautifully executed on a much smaller budget, as well as if you’re getting married in a shorter time frame. If you’re getting married quickly, an elopement can provide a quicker option while still being romantic, intimate, and fun!

Elopements During the Pandemic

Elopements haven’t changed much since the beginning of the pandemic. They continue to be celebrated in different locations and incredibly creative spots! This past year, we’ve seen elopements and micro weddings in backyards become more popular, and we absolutely love it! Whether it be with florals, rugs, or candles, there are so many ways you can transform your own home into the wedding venue of your dreams!

Choosing a Location

It’s important to consider who you want with you when choosing your location. If you’re inviting close friends and family, you need to consider if the location is accessible to everyone. If it’s just you and your partner, consider a place that will be special for the two of you and make it happen! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and choose a location that you wouldn’t have considered before!

Getting Family on Board

All families respond differently — they may be excited and all for it, or they may be more hesitant. It’s important to sit down with your family and explain why you want to elope. If they want to be able to celebrate with additional friends and family, it may be helpful for them if you offer a reception later on where more people can attend!

Reception After Eloping

There are several ways you can celebrate a reception after your elopement. You can host a small dinner party or go all out and plan a big reception! There are no rules on how you should celebrate your marriage! You can celebrate with additional friends and family a few days after your wedding or a few months after. You can also incorporate little details from your elopement into your reception if you’re doing something locally and want to highlight those special moments from your elopement destination.

What to Budget For

Everyone’s budget will look different based on what is important to them. Some things you may consider budgeting for are a wedding planner, photographer, florist, and even catering! We recommend sitting down with your partner and discussing what is most important to you on your big day. Then you can move forward with which vendors you want to make sure you budget for!

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