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COVID-19 Wedding Recap: A Look Back on Madison’s Corona Wedding

Watch for a COVID-19 wedding recap as our assistant project manager, Madison, looks back on her whimsical backyard corona wedding!

Madison’s original plan was to  marry her beau Chase in her parent’s backyard surrounded by 400 of their closest friends and family. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, she had to alter her plans. While their ceremony consisted of immediate family only, that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful and memorable day! Madison was never too attached to the idea of a big wedding, so she was able to think of the new plan as a blessing in disguise. Being able to look around the table at all the people that truly matter in the couple’s lives was something that made the day so incredibly meaningful. Madison, her new husband, and their families were able to celebrate their big day in such a special way that they will surely never forget!

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