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Guest List Cheat Sheet | How to Decide Who Gets an Invite

Wedding planning is in full effect and you’re making your wedding guest list. We get it. From budgeting, to seating charts, to children/plus-ones, to B-lists, and so on, guest lists can seem totally daunting. Drafting and narrowing down your guest list is probably one of the less exciting parts of wedding planning, but following our guide is a solid way to make things go a little smoother. Whether you’re expecting 25 guests or 300+, we’re sharing our stress-free tips to help manage your wedding guest list! Follow our guest list cheat sheet below for tips on how to decide who gets an invite.

guest list cheat sheet

Breaking Down Our Guest List Cheat Sheet

First thing’s first: are they a family member? If not, are they a friend or coworker? These initial questions are huge in helping categorize and filter out potential guests. Either way, following our 3-year rule is a full-proof way to ensure that your guests will be a long-term part of your future as a married couple.

Ask yourself if you’d be upset if they didn’t invite you to their wedding. If the answer is no, the feeling is typically mutual, and they’re likely on the same page as you.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, will they make your wedding more fun? Having guests that will enhance your wedding are key! Keeping in mind who does and doesn’t make your life more fun is sure to help cut down your guest list, crafting the perfect wedding guest list.

Needing more tips on what to do and consider when curating your most optimal guest list? Beyond our guest list cheat sheet, considering who will show up, B-lists, and other deets can get tricky. Read more about our favorite steps in making guests lists all the more easy here! Cheers!