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Style School | Picking the Perfect Color Palette

Your color palette plays such a huge role in your wedding, and with SO many options out there, how will you ever narrow it down to the perfect one? As more than just the lovely shades that adorn every aspect of your wedding scene, your color palette is the most important aspect when it comes to setting the vibe and design for your day. Whether you’re going for a light and bright day or a moody and edgy feel all depends on the careful selection of colors that infuse the scene, from the bouquet to the decor and everything in between. For this lesson in style school, we’re learning all about picking out the color palette for your big day with the help of the experts at Westcott Weddings! Scroll to learn all about the tips and tricks a wedding planner uses to help in narrowing down to that perfect palette for couples in the wedding planning process. Cheers!

Photos // Jessica Scott Photography

Why is it important to have a set color palette?

The color palette helps to set the design direction and define the overall look and feel for your day. Even if your color palette is “all the colors,” it helps to define it upfront.

Where do you start in helping your couples define a color palette for their wedding?

Like all good designers, we start on Pinterest! It’s always helpful to see the inspiration images that a couple has already pulled and discussed them together. From there, we talk about their personal style and how they envision their celebration. After that, we select a primary color palette and also identify a few accent colors/textures that will make the rest of the palette pop.

Style School | Picking the Perfect Color Palette

What tips do you have for couples who are on the fence on determining a color palette?

Consider the season! We rely heavily on florals to help bring a color palette to life. There are both different flowers and different shades/colors of those flowers available in different seasons. Next, consider your venue and accentuate what is already there. You may have a truly blank slate to work with – but, if not, consider the color palette that will help make the space “sing” and accentuate all of the beautiful details that made you fall in love with it. Neutrals are lovely and timeless – honestly, you can never go wrong with them. But, don’t be afraid to embrace color, especially if you love it in your everyday life. Color can be done in an equally elegant, tasteful and classic way. Color gives you the opportunity to add lots of depth, dimension and texture to your overall design.

How do you bring a design to life starting with the color palette?

Color plays a huge role in transforming both the way a space looks and the way it feels. We pair the color palette with a few defining words and then work to make design decisions that will fulfill both and bring the vision full circle. For the color palette for the featured wedding, we wanted an elegant, modern and cozy feel, so we chose warm fall shades and filled the space with modern accents.

A special thank you to Ellen Westcott from Westcott Weddings for sharing her insight on picking the perfect color palette! Visit Westcott Weddings’ Brides of Austin vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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