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How to Pivot from Your Grand Wedding to A Smaller Size

With COVID-19 forcing couples to essentially shrink every aspect of their wedding, from the guest list to the venue and literally everything between, it can be hard to navigate who and what to keep along the way. What are aspects of your wedding you’re not willing to give up? Who is that person who could be moved to virtual attendance? What should you do if your venue is no longer able to accommodate your wedding? No need to worry about figuring out all of these questions on your own, as the lovely expert Cortnee Lane at Fancy Lane Wedding Events has the answers to these questions and more, all featured below! Scroll to read about how to pivot aspects of your grand wedding to a smaller, covid-friendly day – cheers!

(Guest post by Cortnee Lane with Fancy Lane Wedding Events)

How to Pivot from Your Grand Wedding to A Smaller Size

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Benefits to Hosting a Smaller Wedding

Planning a 2021 wedding means intentional wedding experiences – looser  unspoken generational rules and an enjoyable planning. Simply put, your pandemic wedding means 50 guests or less. Note these benefits:

1. There is space in the budget for your favorite food truck or frozen yogurt to serve as a late night snack, more decor rentals to really see your vision come to life, and interactive entertainment such as a band, video booths and onsite live keepsakes.
2. Unintentionally, guest counts decrease by 30% because travel, children and age are huge factors to consider for weekend plans.
3. Your family and friends are more likely to stay all the way until the end. With larger guest counts of 125 and up, at least 20% of your attendants will insist on leaving after the wedding dances are done and sometimes as soon as after the cake is cut.

2 Simple Ways to Make Guest Count Cuts

  1. Guest List Cuts – stick to intimate personal relationships and qualify your guest safety and environmental comfortability.
    a. TIP: Arrange for a ceremony Zoom manager, so extended family can be a part of this memory safely. Friends and extended family who must travel by plane can still attend your ceremony from the safety of their home.
  2. Arrange you and your fiancé’s list into 5 sub categories.
    a. Parents
    b. Siblings + their dates/families
    c. Wedding party + plus ones
    d. Close aunts + uncles
    e. (5 of) your closest friends and their date/families

Thank you to Cortnee Lane from Fancy Lane Wedding Events for her advice on how to pivot your grand wedding plans to be a smaller size! Visit Fancy Lane’s Brides of Austin vendor profile here, where you’ll find all of the amazing services she and her team can provide for your big day!

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