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Everything to Know About Austin Premarital Counseling

Venue … check! Photographer … check! Premarital counseling … ? Have you thought about including counseling in your pre-wedding plans? As you’re planning, you may want to consider meeting with a couples counselor to help ensure you and your fiancé are as prepared as possible for marriage – after all, eventually the wedding excitement dissipates and you two will settle into real, everyday life! Got questions about couples counseling? We’re covering everything to know about Austin premarital counseling options and what to expect when you enroll in a couples counseling class before the wedding.

premarital counseling in austin

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Is premarital counseling a good idea?

A wedding is one beautiful, exciting day, but a marriage is for the long haul. As much as you plan and prepare for your wedding, shouldn’t you plan and prepare to be married, as well? We’re all for it! A licensed premarital counselor such as Texas Premarital Counseling serves as a neutral, unbiased third party to help you and your fiancé sort through some tough topics before issues arise and will give you tools to navigate these topics within your own relationship.


Mental Health Tip: Prioritize Premarital Counseling While Wedding Planning – Read On!


Is premarital counseling required?

Generally, premarital counseling is optional and up to each couple to decide to participate. However, if you’re getting married in a religious ceremony, some churches and houses of worship do require couples to complete a premarital counseling class beforehand. You’ll definitely want to find an Austin couples counselor to help you meet your venue’s requirements, if needed.


What topics are covered in premarital counseling?

When you enroll in an Austin premarital counseling class, you can expect to cover certain standard topics like career goals and life goals (what are your aspirations individually and as a couple?), family planning or family blending, as well as important financial discussions – habits, goals and expectations. Your counselor will also guide you through discussions about core beliefs, communication techniques, conflict resolution and family dynamics. You may also chat about what cohabitation will look like, family history and extended family relationships, and even issues and expectations regarding sex. Combining two lives is complicated and intricate, but the more you discuss before marriage, the better!


How long does premarital counseling last?

Most premarital counseling programs in Austin involve a minimum of 6-8 hours, typically broken up into one-hour, weekly sessions. You can expect anywhere from 4-12 weeks of sessions in total.


What should I ask my fiancé before marriage?

Any premarital counselor will tell you not to wait to broach the tough subjects. Better to get on the same page while you’re engaged, rather than sort through these intricate issues after you say I do. Here are just a few examples of good questions to ask your significant other:

  • How will we approach managing finances? Joint accounts? Separate accounts? What are some of our financial goals?
  • What are things we do and don’t appreciate about our parents’ or close family members’ relationships? In what ways have those influences shaped us?
  • How will we approach holidays and splitting time between our families?
  • How do we each deal with emotions and stress, and how can we best support each other during stressful times?


A premarital counselor can help you find answers to these questions through clear communication and compromise, which saves so much stress in the long run.


Benefits of Austin couples counseling

Did you know the State of Texas rewards couples who complete an approved premarital counseling class by offering a $60 discount on your marriage license fee? Yep! Complete a class with a certified expert like Texas Premarital Counseling, bring your certificate and you’ll pay $60 less for your marriage certificate. Certain counties do have additional fees.


Enrolling in a premarital counseling class is truly the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll strengthen your bond with your soon-to-be spouse as you learn techniques and helpful ways to approach all kinds of situations for years to come.

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