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Couple Shoot in East Austin at an Iconic Curated Space for Photographers


Nikk Nguyen Photo captured the love, intimacy, and passion in Meghan and Graham’s couple shoot in East Austin. Meghan and Graham’s couple shoot took place at Sekrit Theater, an iconic curated space in east Austin, designed specifically for photographers and other artists. Meghan and Graham captured moments in all the different spaces. However, Nikk Nguyen Photo captured some of our favorite photos in an empty, abandoned greenhouse. The chapel-like area had light pouring down, and the structure created a gorgeous frame around Graham and Meghan. The couple slow danced through the space while Nikk photographed the love between the two. In addition, we love how real and intimate this couple shoot feels. We know that Nikk Nguyen Photo makes all of his clients feel and look comfortable, which transpires in each photo. The authenticity of Meghan and Graham’s love is felt through the photo gallery.


We are huge fans of couples incorporating their four-legged furry friends. Meghan and Graham took photos with their husky and English bulldog. These pups are absolutely adorable, and we know that Meghan and Graham will cherish the photos they took with them. If you’re a dog lover, you must keep scrolling to see the images captured in this couple shoot in east Austin.



Special Note from Nikk Nguyen Photo about Meghan and Graham’s Couple Shoot in East Austin

“The photos of them slow-dancing in the greenhouse are some of my favorite. You can just feel their love and intimacy in those photos: it feels like a precious stolen moment. In addition, my other favorite part of this Sekrit Theatre engagement shoot was when Meghan and Graham’s dogs showed up! They have a Husky and a British Bulldog, and man, they have personality! This session was a joy from start to finish, and I’m so happy Meghan and Graham reached out to me to shoot it.”

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