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How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Playlists

There’s no denying it – music matters! The type of music you play at your wedding can help solidify your overall theme, as well as convey added emotion on, let’s face it, one of the most emotional days of your life! That’s why we are here to help you choose your perfect wedding playlists! If you’re anything like us, you have those sweet songs that bring back all the relationship feels, and then those jams you KNOW will get your friends moving and grooving on the dance floor. There is a time and a place for both on your wedding day – after all, the party doesn’t stop! From the ceremony to the ultimate dance party, having playlists for each part of the evening can ensure that your guests are mixing and mingling to those tracks that pull at your heartstrings (or make you grab another drink from the bar!). Every couple’s wedding day soundtrack should be unique, and we have some tips for you on how to make that possible.

How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Playlists

Entertainment: Royal Dukes Band // Photo: Nikk Nguyen Photo

1. Make Different Playlists for Parts of the Day & Night

Now, this is the fun part! From waking up and realizing the day has FINALLY come, to mimosas with your besties and the elaborate getting ready routine…you get to decide what vibe you’re going for. Is it the ultimate hype playlist with high-energy hits to elevate the mood, those throwback jams you wouldn’t dare miss a word to after endless car singalongs with your friends OR delicate hymns that allow for a little calm before the storm? That’s up to you! There are other parts of the day that deserve some well-thought-out music, such as:

  • Arrival of Guests
  • Ceremony Time (including processional and recessional)
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Reception Entrance
  • Dinner
  • First Dances
  • Party Music
  • The Send-Off!

When picking out this background music for the big day, it’s important to curate something that matches you and your significant other, but also fits the mood of the evening. Chances are, romantic love songs will be the move for most, but there’s always room to get creative. With the mood shift after “I do,” your guests are going to be ready to celebrate the sweet matrimony with a little bit of dancing, fingers crossed! We know couples want all of their guests to be engaged in the music selection, from your Uncle Kirk to your TikTok obsessed cousin, so curating a party playlist with multiple genres will ensure everyone gets a chance to scream Mama Mia and do the Renegade dance. Want to use similar songs for different parts of the day? We feel you! Our tip is to create a playlist, throw all your faves in there and hit shuffle!

2. Check out our Playlists

Having trouble creating your own or in search of a little inspiration? Check out our curated playlists on Wed Society! With options from top-entertainment vendors and our own music-loving team members, here you will find a wide variety of selections that are sure to appeal to every couple’s taste! Not into the cheesy love songs that you hear on repeat 24/7? We have you covered with some more obscure tunes you likely won’t find on the radio.

Check out one of our faves:

3. How your DJ or Band can help!

We know there’s nothing like a live band or DJ to connect with your guests at your wedding! You can still communicate with your entertainment pro if there is a certain song you would like played or even EDITED to best fit the current moment! Don’t be afraid to be specific and tell your DJ/Band what NOT to play. Remember, your entertainment vendor is there to help curate and deliver the music you and your guests will enjoy! If you are making the transition from your fave hits to the classics that the whole family will enjoy, be sure you’re on the same page with your vendor on when to flip the switch.

Each wedding requires an enormous amount of creativity to ensure the day perfectly reflects the happy couple. Wedding music is no different! While there are thousands of romantic songs to sway with, classics to scream along to  and popular tunes with 15-second dances attached, think about what soundtrack will best tell your love story. Be sure to follow along with us on Spotify for even more specifically curated playlists that cater to this exciting season of engagement!

Looking to connect with a local band, DJ or musician to play at your wedding? See our list of favorite Austin wedding entertainers here!

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