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Our Latest Wedding Obsession Explained – All the Info on Live Painting

Wedding vendors are creatives by nature, but we still almost can’t believe all the new ways they have revolutionized the industry in the past few years with services that make for some seriously unique wedding celebrations. Among those is live painting as a form of entertainment for guests to enjoy while capturing a moment in time with a piece of custom art you will remember and cherish forever. You probably still have a few questions about it all, and we’re here to help! Read on to learn everything you need to know about live wedding painting!

live wedding painting

Artist //  CA-Milleworks

What exactly is “live” painting?

Live painting at a wedding is a unique and interactive form of art where an artist creates a painting during the wedding event itself. The artist typically sets up an easel and canvas at the wedding venue and begins painting as the ceremony and reception unfold. This can include capturing moments such as the couple’s first dance, the exchange of vows, or other special moments throughout the event.

alyssa love live art

Artist // Alyssa Love Art

Why should a couple hire a live painter for their wedding?

There are many reasons to consider a live painter such as CA-Milleworks, Alyssa Love Art, or Rachel English Live Painting for your wedding! Beyond the memorable experience and entertainment it provides your guests, you’ll receive a unique and personalize piece of art that holds sentimental value from your wedding day.

What scenes are the best for a live painter to paint?

This is when your creative juices get to come into play! You could have a ceremony moment, first dance, portrait of the couple, reception festivities, the decor and venue, whatever you’d like to capture most to cherish for years to come.

live wedding painting

Artist //  Rachel English Live Painting

What does the setup at the wedding look like?

Each artist will have an easel, painting supplies, and even their own lighting lighting, but setups are usually in a designated area where the artists can work comfortable, and where guests can enjoy without obstructing the flow of the event!

How much time does it take to paint a wedding scene?

The time it takes to paint a wedding scene varies based on the scope of the painting. Often, live wedding painters will take the piece home with them to finish the last touches and perfect it before delivering the finished product.

Is there a way to customize my painting?

Yes! If you have specific preferences such as wanting faces blurred vs. portrait-like, want to focus on only the couple instead of the entire scene, or even want to include your furry friend in the painting, your live wedding artist should be able to accommodate these types of requests. Most live wedding artists offer a consultation to cover these types of details!

live wedding illustration

Artist // Vogue Vignette

How is live illustration different than live wedding painting?

Live illustration and live wedding painting are both forms of art created in real-time during an event, but live illustration can encompass other mediums such as sketching, drawing, watercolor, and more. Live illustrations like those by Vogue Vignette and Alyssa Love Art are typically quicker to complete and can capture your wedding guests as a unique keepsake they’ll love!

Who do I hire for live wedding painting?

When hiring a live wedding painter, consider their artistic style, experience, and compatibility with your vision for the wedding. Austin has many incredibly talented live wedding painters who will bring a unique experience and timeless keepsake to your wedding day!

Connect with live wedding painters and wedding illustrators, and discover other experiential events here. Cheers!