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Our Latest Wedding Obsession Explained – All the Info on Live Painting

by Brides of Austin

Wedding vendors are creatives by nature, but we still almost can’t believe all the new ways they have revolutionized the industry in the past few years with services that make for some seriously unique wedding celebrations. Among those is live painting as a form of entertainment for guests to enjoy while capturing a moment in time with a piece of custom art you will remember and cherish forever. You probably still have a few questions about it all, and that’s why we asked live wedding painter and Austin wedding professional Avery Miller of A.Curtis Creations a little about her process, the importance of hiring an artist and what options couples can customize. Read on!

(guest post by Avery Miller of A.Curtis Creations)

Our Latest Wedding Obsession Explained – All the Info on Live Painting

Photo // Lacey Lynn Seymour Photography

What exactly is “live” painting?

So glad you asked! Live painting is when an artist creates a painting from start to finish, just as the moment happens, for others to watch! As a personal touch, I also snap photos of the moment to make sure special additions make it into the painting (ex: grandma holding grandpa’s hand or the sweet flower girl watching from the side).

Why should a couple hire a live painter for their wedding?

Live painting is becoming one of the top, unique entertainment additions to weddings or events! This rare type of entertainment provides a reason for your guests to leave their seat, come see the painting in action and watch as the final product is revealed! If you’re looking for a “wow factor” to surprise your guests, or just want a unique way to incorporate art into your special day, this would be it!

What scenes are the best for a live painter to paint?

This is when your creative juices get to come into play! It is totally up to you! For instance, the scene could be a special moment during your ceremony, your first kiss, being announced as bride and groom, surprise first dance or even cake cutting!

What does the setup at the wedding look like?

Set-up is simple and the overall space I take up is very small. My easel and supplies can be moved around easily, so if you’d like me to paint at the ceremony and reception space, I can do it! I arrive two hours before the ceremony to view the space, begin sketching in the background, and blocking in color. That way, as your guests arrive, they see some of the details of your space already being added.

How much time does it take to paint a wedding scene?

From start to finish, it takes about 8 hours to complete a painting at a wedding. Typically, if you choose a larger canvas or your detail requires studio touchups, I will mail it to you at a later date.

Is there a way to customize my painting?

Ab-so-lutely. This artwork is created special for you and your partner, so I want it to reflect that! I schedule a phone consult around one month out from the wedding to discuss the details about your day and painting. Need colors to be more neutral? Want it more abstract or more portrait-like? Faces blurred or face details? Remove the guests so it’s only you two? Totally up to you! Dog didn’t get to attend, but you want to sneak him in? Let’s do it!

Any tips for keeping the final product in the best condition for generations to come?

Canvas is easily stretched, so I always recommend being careful to not let anything push against the canvas. I also apply a gloss protective coating to the painting to create a finished shine and protect the artwork.

What do couples say is the “best part” about having a live painter?

I hear many answers for this one, but the top answer I get is, “Now we have a special piece of our day captured in a beautiful piece of art that we can pass down for generations to come! It’s absolutely worth the investment!”

Connect with wedding professional and live painter A.Curtis Creations via her vendor profile here. Cheers!

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