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Live Wedding Painting in Austin: Who to Hire

Live wedding painting is a trend that is increasing in popularity. There are fabulous artists in Austin who do live wedding painting that you can hire for this special and unique service. A wedding painter captures your wedding day in real time through live art.  It’s a beautiful keepsake from the event and a very cool experiential element for your guests to enjoy as well. 

In Austin, Texas, in particular, where the Hill Country scenery is so beautiful and event spaces are spectacular, having your wedding day commemorated in this way tops our list of services we highly recommend!

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Vignette


The Art of Live Wedding Painting

Live wedding painters attend your ceremony and reception, creating a beautiful painting that reflects the day’s most memorable moments. This could be your first kiss as a married couple, your lively first dance, or your guests enjoying the celebration. The result is not just a vivid piece of art but a snapshot of the day’s emotions and atmosphere, painted as the events unfold. 

You can check out our Guide to Live Wedding Painting with some of the most frequently asked questions about this unique service. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite live wedding painters in Austin and the surrounding Hill Country!

Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa Love Art


Rachel English Live Painting

Before jumping into the world of live wedding painting, Rachel English accumulated a decade of experience in the fine art industry. As a contemporary painter, her work is featured in a number of distinguished galleries across the country. 

Rachel’s background gives her a sophisticated perspective on each wedding she paints, and her attention to detail is finely tuned to capture the spirit of your wedding. Though based in Austin, she is willing to travel anywhere to make your live painting experience come to life!

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel English Live Painting

Her live wedding painting starts at $3500. Rachel captures the environment of your ceremony or reception, including the newlyweds, guests and any other important details. Using colorful, impressionist brushstrokes, what starts as a blank canvas blooms into an exquisite work of art. 

Your guests will have fun watching Rachel work, and you and your sweetheart will walk away with a beautiful keepsake to hang in your home. Materials used include fast-drying, non-toxic acrylic paint on a 24 x 36-inch canvas. Other sizes are available upon request.

Rachel is also available to capture the likeness of your guests on your wedding day with live guest portraits! This fun and interactive cocktail hour activity is made possible with a fast-drying, non-toxic black gouache and fine art paper. For $3000, four hours of painting time yields around 50 portraits.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel English Live Painting


Alyssa Love Art

Alyssa Love has been painting since she was a little girl. Though she spent some years as a therapist, she knew deep down that art was her passion. Based in Austin, Alyssa Love is a fine artist known for her dreamy, couple-focused wedding paintings. 

Nothing brings Alyssa greater joy than getting to capture magical moments on canvas. When she paints your wedding, she has the opportunity to enhance, interpret or even slightly readjust the elements so they capture the spirit of your love in a way nothing else can. Alyssa has a variety of packages to choose from ranging from $2100 to $3000. 

Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa Love Art

In addition to painting portraits of couples, Alyssa also offers live guest painting! The sketches are completed from photos taken of guests, allowing them to be painted while still enjoying the festivities. The portraits are faceless sketches with an emphasis on key distinguishing details of the person or couple. Each couple portrait takes between 5-10 minutes and is completed on 6×8 cold pressed, acid free watercolor paper with professional grade paints.

If you want the best of both worlds, Alyssa is more than happy to accommodate with her package aptly titled “The Perfect Union.” Pricing is dependent on hours of guest portraits and painting size.

Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa Love Art


Vogue Vignette

The artists at Vogue Vignette offer a live wedding painting experience like no other! By creating live, high-fashion sketches of your guests during your wedding, they provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Your guests will not only enjoy the process of their portrait being done, but they’ll receive a fun and unique keepsake of the day as well!

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Vignette

If live wedding painting is a must on your wedding bucket list, be sure to check out these talented Austin vendors! They would love to help make your day extra special.