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Add the Ultimate Sparkle to Your Wedding with Austin Glitter Bar

When it comes to making your wedding extra memorable, experiential events like Austin Glitter Bar can make all the difference. When guests get to share in something interactive and personal, it makes for one unforgettable day! If glam, sparkle and shine describe your ideal vibes, Austin Glitter Bar is THE vendor you’ll want to help create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. They’re Austin’s premier mobile glitter bar experience perfect for your bachelorette party, wedding reception, or any event that could use a little extra sparkle!

austin glitter bar

Photo // Bordeau Photo

Why Glitter for Your Event?

Lindsey Smith founded Austin Glitter Bar because she loved adorning her friends with glitter for their events and nights out and wanted to bring the same energy to weddings and events around Austin and the Hill Country area for all to enjoy.

“I love sprinkling joy everywhere I go, and glitter has the same effect!” Lindsey says.

Austin Glitter Bar offers a self-contained glitter experience that includes a table, sparkly disco decor, all glitter supplies, a selfie station, table display and sign, professional makeup lighting, and mirrors. Customize your event by choosing from various options for the number of Glitter Artists at your event. Their professional and passionate Glitter Artists ensure an unforgettable experience for your guests, making your event truly sparkle and shine.

austin glitter bar founder Lindsey Smith

Photo // Gracie Byrd Jones

The Glittery Nitty Gritty

With many types of glitter to choose from including biodegradable and 100% plant-based options, Austin Glitter Bar’s colorful sparkle materials are safe for just about everyone. Their plant-based glitter is made mostly from eucalyptus plant membrane, while they also offer traditional glitter made of an aluminum or plastic base.

wedding body glitter

Photo // Paige Vaughn Photo

How does the glitter stay on your skin? Organic aloe vera gel and organic bee propolis jelly act as glitter adhesives. While those with an extreme skin sensitivity should pass on glitter, most everyone (even those with mild sensitivities) can enjoy a glitter glow-up without worrying about irritation or washing it off later. Everything comes off in a snap.

Austin Glitter Bar boasts a collection of more than 50 eco-friendly and traditional glitter blends, professional lighted mirrors, and sparkly disco decor. Each Glitter Artist creates a one-of-a-kind look for each guest that’ll promise all-day staying power, even if they’re dancing the night away. Guests can enhance their look with glitter around their eyes, arms, legs, back, or even by adding glitter to a beard or mustache!

austin glitter bar

Photo // Paige Vaughn Photo

Customizing Your Glitter Bar

No matter how you’d like to experience the shimmery magic of Austin Glitter Bar, their team of professional, passionate artists is ready to help. Each service package includes complete set-up and breakdown, with professional lighting and mirrors alongside groovy glam disco decor displaying 50+ glitter options. Just choose your number of hours and number of artists based on your guest count! Lindsey and her team can help you select the best package based on your specific needs.

austin glitter bar

Photo // Paige Vaughn Photo

Imagine transforming your bachelorette party or wedding reception with this exciting experiential service your friends and family of all ages will love. A glitter bar for your guests is sure to help make your bachelorette or wedding one to remember. Let Austin Glitter Bar add some sparkle to your celebration!

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