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Pro Tips from Look No Further Entertainment: Wedding Dress Styles Ready For The Dance Floor


Our wedding vendors have seen it all. These are the pros that have been to more weddings in a year than you might be in a lifetime, so they certainly know a thing or two about logistics! We’ve partnered with our friend Ross at Look No Further Entertainment, one of the most fun DJs in the Austin area, to bring you a new blog series featuring professional tips and tricks to make the most out of your dance party reception. We sat down with Ross to find out what he thought about choosing a dress fit for the dance floor, and his insight into this topic is incredible! We can’t wait to see what he shares next!

“It may seem a little counterintuitive for a DJ to provide wedding dress recommendations, but believe me, after playing at hundreds of weddings around the Hill Country, I’ve seen just about every kind of wedding dress, and I know what works best when you’re ready to hit the dance floor.  Obviously, you want to look amazing during the ceremony, but here’s a little something most people don’t really think about – most receptions last two to three times longer than the ceremony itself, and if you’re wearing the wrong kind of dress, your “Uptown Funk” might turn into a funky mess.

From the first dance to the last, your ability to move freely around the dance floor is determined by the dress you choose. The perfect dress – one that looks stunning while on the move – isn’t always easy to find, but here are a few tips on selecting the type of wedding dress that will let you dance till the break of dawn without breaking anything else along the way!”

Short Wedding Dresses

Claudia_Eddy K- Beautitude Bridal jpg

Eddy K. gown with detachable skirt.  Designer carried locally at Béatitude Bridal Boutique.

Why we love them: Sexy, fun and bold, short wedding dresses show the world you’re not afraid to buck tradition. They’re great for brides who plan on making a statement on the dance floor — especially for nontraditional venues like backyards, warehouse spaces and lofts.

Tip: Look for a gown with a detachable skirt. This is sure to take your look from ceremony gown glam to fun reception dress in a flash!


High-Low Wedding Dresses


Liancarlo high-low gown. Designer carried locally at Julian Gold Bridal.

Why we love them: Fun and flirtatious, but still classy and sassy, high-low wedding dresses are so on trend right now and give just the right amount of tradition and style. Perfect for summer weddings or warmer climates (like Austin), high-low dresses can be sophisticated at the ceremony and stylish on the dance floor.

 Tip: You won’t want to bustle this dress as the dramatic hem is what makes these dresses different. Make sure your high-low dress is hemmed to suit your height and heels in the back.  If it’s too long, you might just be tripped up during your first dance!


Ball Gown Wedding Dresses


Hayley Paige ball gown. Designer carried locally at Blush Bridal Lounge.

 Why we love them: Perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a princess, ball gowns are timeless, romantic and provide plenty of great photo opportunities because of the flowing fabric.

Tip: Ball gowns can sometimes be heavy, particularly if they’ve got many layers. Look for a ball gown made of lighter fabric that seems to float around you rather than drag you down. A bustle on these gowns will do the trick to avoid getting stepped on when busting a move.


Empire Waist Wedding Dresses


Claire Pettibone empire waist gown. Designer carried locally at Unbridaled.

Why we love them: Super comfortable, and flattering for different body types, empire waist wedding dresses are elegant and easy to dance in. You won’t feel trapped in these free-flowing gowns and no matter the song, you can feel comfortable kicking up your heels.

Tip: To avoid having to pull this dress up at every turn, choose an empire waist dress with straps.


A-Line Wedding Dresses


Watters A-line gown.Designer carried locally at Serendipity Bridal.

Why we love them: Narrow at the waist and flaring gently wider from the hip (thus resembling the letter “A”), A-line wedding dresses allow you to move your legs to whatever song the DJ plays. Originally popular in the 1950s and 1960s, these dresses have made a comeback in recent years as they blend modern sophistication with classic style.

Tip: These gowns are perfectly elegant and casual, so dress them up or down with accessories and shoes that won’t hurt your feet!

“At the end of the day, if you’re having a wedding in the heart of Texas, it’s important to find a dress that can help you stay cool. When you’re dancing for hours on end, a wedding dress can get hot, which can also slow you down on the dance floor. A proper hem and bustle are the most important keys to making a wedding dress stumble-free, but if properly fitted, you can make just about any style of dress work well on the dance floor. Just don’t forget to bring the right pair of dancing shoes!”

Huge thanks to Look No Further Entertainment for providing these fun insider tips! Be sure to be on the look out for the next edition of our professional tips and tricks series soon! Cheers!