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Get the Party Started: Top Wedding Entertainment Trends this Season

Wedding entertainment has been around forever, but there are still vendors who strive to reinvent the wheel when it comes to providing their services! We compiled some of the coolest new photo, art and music trends for your reception celebration. From custom-built booths to live, on-site artistry, there is something for every wedding style and budget. Read on for a few of our favorite Austin wedding entertainment vendors and a little about what makes their service so unique. Cheers!


Trend: Photo Trailer

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Hitch the Photo Trailer

Hitch the Photo Trailer has couples smiling — and not just because it’s a mobile photo booth. Because it’s a vintage VW trailer in the iconic turquoise color with a completely customized interior and exterior experience that is tailor-made for making memories!



Trend: DJ/Drummer Hybrid

wedding entertainment

Hype Rhythm DJ

Having trouble deciding between a DJ or a live band? Who says you have to choose? Hype Rhythm DJ is a unique hybrid entertainment that blends the mixing style of a professional DJ with the live energy that a band’s drummer brings. The original ATX DJ drummer duo is made up of owner, Nick Ruiz — aka DJ Nick.at.Nite and the talented percussionist, Drummer Chris. They are a full start-to-finish, awesome non-stop dance party.

Wanna check out the vibes for yourself? This curated Spotify playlist here should tell you all you need to know about the group.

Photo // Carhart Photography



Trend: Live Paintings

Rachel English Live Painting | Top Wedding Entertainment Trends

Rachel English Live Painting

On the day and location of your wedding, with her easel and palette at hand, Rachel English Live Painting captures the environment of your ceremony or reception in brilliant brushstrokes. What begins as a blank surface blossoms into an exquisite work of art on site, wowing your guests before adorning the walls of your newlywed home.



Trend: Custom-Built Booths

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Homestead Photo Booth Co.

The Homestead Photo Booth Co. experience is hand-crafted from start to finish, and it’s all in the name. Homestead’s owners, Alvy and Julie, take pride in personally handcrafting the elements of each of their couple’s photo booths, putting in hundreds of hours designing and building, constantly fine-tuning each custom booth. Combining Alvy’s knowledge of woodworking and Julie’s expertise as a commercial interior designer, they have created rustic, yet modern and ultimately one-of-a-kind photo booths that can fit any style of event.



Trend: Live Band
















Royal Dukes Band

The Royal Dukes Band is a premium, customizable 3- to 14-piece band specializing in high-energy music, at a sensible price. Their expansive song lists cover everything from Top 40 and classics to rock, country, dance and jazz. The Royal Dukes Band has regular showcases where you can see and hear them perform before deciding to book! Plan your entertainment with ease with their online planning system that allows you to customize the schedule and playlist.

Photo // Brooke Taelor



Trend: Fireworks & Sparklers

Liberty Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

In recent years, incorporating fireworks and sparklers into weddings has emerged as a new and increasingly popular trend, adding an extra element of excitement and magic to the celebration. Couples are embracing the opportunity to light up the dance floor and night sky with dazzling displays, creating unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression on their guests. From grand finales to romantic interludes, Liberty Fireworks & Pyrotechnics offers a spectacular way to elevate the ambiance and create a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

Photo // Prislovsky Photography



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