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Before I Do

Maddie + Kambel

Photos // Annique Marie Photography

Maddie + Kambel

A Trail of Notes

I have never met someone as thoughtful as Kambel Cox. Kambel wrote notes that I was going to be given throughout the day. The first note came in the morning from my mom, and as soon as I received it, I knew what was happening. The letters were written in the progression of our friendship and relationship. The first note was just preparing me for the day and reminding me of his favorite things about meeting me the first time and then what he remembered from the football game and some things from his perspective. I walked in my house, and one of my best friends from college was there! Sarah gave me my second note, and I got to spend some quality time with her. A little later, my sisters gave me the third note, and I was on my way to wherever Sarah was taking me. We ended up at a nail salon (THANK GOODNESS, my nails looked atrocious). We got to hangout and just talk. Kambel knew I hadn’t seen her in a while and would love to just spend a day with her. When I finished getting my nails done, Sarah gave me my fourth note. By this time, the information on the notes became more recent, so I figured I would be seeing him soon! We started going to the next location, and well… we got lost. It was truly so funny, and we were both laughing. I finally just told her to call Kambel because I had no idea where we were going, and she had no idea where we were. Kambel answered and directed her to where we were supposed to go. Once we parked, she gave me the fifth note. This note had actually been the first note written. He wrote it a few months earlier when he drove to Waco and asked my dad and mom for their blessing. It was so sweet, and I had NO IDEA it was happening. Sarah walked me to a place in Cameron Park and said, “Okay, this is where I leave you. Go to the bench and turn left, and you will see him.” So I hugged her and started my walk. The path was lined with pictures of us throughout our friendship and dating. He was there and read the sixth and final letter. He asked. I said YES! He created a scrapbook where I could keep all of the pictures and letters written so I could remember the day forever!