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Before I Do

Jemimah + Christopher

by Brides of Austin

Photos // Teresa Woodhull

Jemimah + Christopher

A Wildfire Detour and Vlogging in Colorado

Jem and I love traveling, and COVID shifted all our travel plans like it did for so many. We decided to take one big fall trip to Colorado in October 2020 to satisfy our itch for traveling. Everything leading up to the trip was perfectly fine. I landed in Colorado from Dallas an hour before Jem who was coming from Houston (long distance sucks!). However, as soon as we landed, we unfortunately learned of the wildfires ravaging the RNMP in Estes Park, which is where I was planning to propose. Our hotel, transportation and hiking passes in RMNP were compromised. Luckily, I had a great photographer, Teresa, who helped me readjust all my proposal plans. Teresa suggested Sapphire Pointe in Breckenridge. Jem is a planner but was on board with the spontaneity and wanted to make the most of the weekend. The next morning, we went hiking, and it is Jem’s dream to spend hours in nature. She was “vlogging” the whole trip on her GoPro. We saw a few people on our trails, and Jem has no clue what’s about to happen. We reach the overlook on our trailhead, and Teresa, unbeknownst to Jem as the photographer, inconspicuously asked Jem to take a picture of her so she could show her husband. I suggested that I take the same picture of Jem in that spot with her facing the other way looking into the mountains and lake. When she was turned around, I repositioned the GoPro, got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. Her first words were, “Oh my god, I hate you so much!” Let’s just hope she actually meant, “OMG I love you so much, you’re the best!” We cringe about it sometimes but laugh about it a whole lot. We were about to cancel our whole trip due to the wildfires, but we’re so grateful for Teresa who helped us re-plan our trip, and suggest such an amazing place for me to propose to my best friend, my fiancé, Jem.