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Hannah + Zach

Photos // Main Squeeze Photography

Hannah + Zach

Going to the Southwestern University Chapel!

“All I wanna do is come running home to you, come running home to you. And all my life I promise to keep running home to you, keep running home to you.”

The day we got engaged was a crazy one. This particular Friday was Favorite Teacher Night for the girls’ soccer team at the school. Molly and I were excited to get nominated again to walk with some of our favorite students across the field during halftime. McKenzie and Zach typically come to this event every year. However, Zach had told me he was teaching a student teaching a lab at UTA and wouldn’t be able to make it. So McKenzie came to support, and we then planned had to dash off after the ceremony to watch a production of “Little Women” at Southwestern. Timing was hectic and we were running late, but we made it happen! After the almost three hour long show, I was exhausted and ready to head home. On the way to the car, I saw Zach standing on the SU seal, smiling, obviously pleased with himself for once again successfully surprising me by coming home unexpectedly. Of course I was happy to see him, but not shocked as this was a semi-regular occurrence…until he suggested we go in to the chapel. This was super weird but I went along with it.

Once inside the Louis Perkins chapel, I saw it was decorated with twinkly lights and nearly 200 pictures of us all the way down the pews. At the end of the aisle were flowers and a candle-lit partition. It. Was. Beautiful. “Running Home to You” played as we made our way to the front. At this point, all the tears were flowing. I wish I could remember everything he said as he guided me down the aisle, but I’ll never forget when he dropped to one knee and said, “Hannah Sherrie Mincey, will you marry me?” After the proposal, I was whisked away to Hula Cowgirl Shaved Ice in Georgetown. A place that we would frequent while we went to Southwestern. It was dark when we walked up and when Zach opened the door,”SURPRISE!” Many of our favorite people were there for an engagement party, also beautifully decorated with cherry blossoms as the theme (my favorite flower). I immediately started bawling. I mean, how could I not?! The rest of the night was filled with lots of hugs, presents, ice cream and laughter.