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Before I Do

Valerie + Michael


photo | Shelly Borga


Walking Into Your Own Proposal

Michael mentioned he had a work brunch event on a Saturday. It was at the botanical gardens and we had to be there right when it opened, that way we could help his company set up. He told me to bring along my own camera, so that I could take pictures while he helped set up.

When we got there, he wanted to take a walk around before he had to go. I asked him if he remembered coming here about six years ago on a date, and he said he had “no idea” what I was talking about. I pulled him towards the Japanese gardens and knew the bridge would jog his memory. Unbeknownst to me, this is where he had his photographer hiding in the bushes because this was the exact spot he wanted to propose to me. I took myself to my own proposal!

He crossed the bridge first and then turned around as I was at the top of it and grabbed my hands and that’s when I knew what he was about to do. The moment captured on the bridge was beautifully taken by Shelly and it looked so magical!