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Have the Ultimate Dance Party at your Wedding

Complete your wedding with the ultimate dance party with the help of these expert tips from Hype Rhythm! As more than just a DJ service, Hype Rhythm knows all the ins-and-outs of the wedding entertainment industry to help ensure your big day is the amazing party you have always dreamed of it being. Scroll below to read their expert and easy-to-follow tips when it comes to searching for your wedding DJ. Rock on!

Have the Ultimate Dance Party at your Wedding

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What does the DJ experience look like for a wedding?

Not just a DJ, Hype Rhythm is a very unique and modern entertainment experience for couples looking to have an amazing dance party at their wedding. Combining the vast song selection and continuous mixing of an experienced professional DJ with the live music presence, energy and entertainment of a pro drummer, we created our original hybrid concept four years ago. Since then, we have been packing out dance floors like no other band or DJ can.

What services do DJs offer at weddings that a couple might not know?

We offer videography services done by Andrew Anguiano. Furthermore, with our packages, we can include dance-floor lighting and wireless up-lights for our stage area. Most importantly, we have a few big upgrades in 2020. For one, with no extra charge, we now offer an electric drum kit instead of just an acoustic kit, for venues where acoustics are an issue or concern. That combines with our new ability for wireless speaker set-ups – for playing the same audio in separate spaces, without the mess running of cords and tape. Finally, in 2020, we are offering other live instrumentation to add into our line up to add more to the entertainment experience. Right now we are working on incorporating a bass player and a violinist into our act. In the future, we are working on acoustic and electric guitarists, sax players and live singers for cocktail and or dinner hour!

What is the benefit of hiring a DJ vs a band?

In our own experience, the benefits of hiring Hype Rhythm over a band are vast, but here are the main important things to take into consideration. Bands will charge you anywhere from two to six times our cost, and do a fraction of what we offer in our services (such as taking breaks during the dance segment, not including MC services or not covering ceremony music and microphones). Most bands have a very limited song selection and are limited by instrumentation and vocalists, especially for songs made after early 2000’s. Furthermore, bands usually play the entire song, which in most cases is too long for certain songs. Or, similarly, that the song can’t be cut early if the crowd doesn’t like it, which clears the dance floor. Finally, with all the moving parts involved with a large band, there is so much more room for something to fail, double bookings or no-shows. Conversely, we have back up plans for DJs, drummers and all equipment we bring. With no song selection restrictions, we are able to play any type of music (all clean edits), never take breaks and can read the crowd to keep the dance floor packed from start to finish.

What moments of the wedding celebration are most important to include music in?

We see music as being important in creating the vibe for any and every moment of the wedding. We do it all, from pre-ceremony to reception, and everything in between. Our services include a full detailed timeline and music request system that asks all the important questions that go into making sure we have a complete understanding of the direction the couple wants to go.

What tips do you have for couples building their reception playlist or vibe?

I always tell couples that the wedding is a celebration of who they are, so I always ask to get a playlist of all their favorite songs (danceable or not) they would want to hear at their wedding. Equally important is a do-not play list. In addition, I always suggest to include a song request option on the RSVPs. For one, it gets guests invested and excited for the music, and secondly, it allows you to get the songs you want or don’t want to hear at your wedding. Using my experience, I do the work of separating all songs to their appropriate time to play during the wedding and adding in other songs that fit the vibe.

What types/styles of music are best to play at a wedding?

We are “open format,” which means that we can play any artist, genre, decade, etc. and mix them all in a way that makes it fun and inclusive for everyone in attendance. In our opinion, hits of today and the past are always the way to go at a wedding, but we especially love weddings looking to also dance to country, Latin or any other cultural songs. We can do it all and love it all!

Thanks to the Hype Rhythm team for answering all our wedding music questions! To book Hype Rhythm for you reception, connect via their Brides of Austin vendor profile.

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