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Get your Awkward Wedding Questions Answered

Now that you’re engaged, you probably have a million questions buzzing around your head! There are the fun, creative questions that have you daydreaming during your job, but there are also those sticky questions that you dread having to deal with. As the bride, it is best to be prepared with potential responses to those awkward wedding questions that come your way! We’ve supplied you with one of the best resources to help you tackle any questions that could catch you off guard – Austin planner extraordinaire, Andria Volpicelli from Andria Leigh Events. Keep scrolling for A+ answers to those uncomfortable questions.

Get your Awkward Wedding Questions Answered

Photo // Kayla Snell

What do I do if I’m having trouble hearing back from my vendors?

Make sure expectations are clear from the initial conversations with your vendors, and that you share your preferred method of communication – whether it be email, scheduled phone calls, etc. That being said, it is important to understand that your vendors will respond at different times throughout the workweek, and that’s completely normal! Since most wedding vendors work on the weekends, you may not receive an immediate response after hitting send on your Saturday night email. If it continues to be a problem, and you are going weeks without a response, I would address the issue directly with that vendor and establish a better communication system moving forward.

How do I politely request children not to attend? Is that okay?

This is absolutely okay! There are many reasons couples choose to have an adults-only wedding, but it’s important to have it clearly stated in your invitations. You can politely request no children by indicating “Adults Only” or something more playful like “Leave The Littles At Home.” On your envelope addressing, make sure to clearly write out the guest names who are invited, rather than addressing a family’s last name (i.e. “Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Spear” vs “The Spears”).

How do I handle that awkward “Can I bring a date?” question?

This can be a tough one, but it’s important to stick with your gut feeling in making sure you have the wedding vibe and guest size YOU want! I recommend politely responding with, “We would love for you to bring a guest, but unfortunately we’re at capacity with our venue’s seating right now.” If you’re having a smaller wedding, you can respond with “We’re having a very intimate wedding with just our closest friends and family. We hope that you can be present for our special day!”

Tips for selecting friends to be in the bridal party?

First, it’s important to determine the size bridal party you’re envisioning whether it be your one sibling standing by your side or ten of your closest friends. Next, I would reflect on the special people in your life who have been with you and supported you through your childhood, school years, and/or into adulthood. Friendships may come and go, and now that you’re engaged, your bridal party may look a lot different than it would have been three years ago. And that’s okay! Recognize the healthy, uplifting and loving friendships that are most current in your life, and who you want to stand by your side on arguably the most important day of your life.

What should the bridal party expect to pay for?

At a minimum, the bridal party should expect to pay for their share in the bachelorette party (airfare, accommodations, food/drinks, activities) and the bridesmaid outfit and accessories they will be required to wear on the wedding day. Other expenses that may be required by the bride include hair and makeup, manicure/pedicure, and a spray tan. It’s no secret that being a bridesmaid can be a financial burden and a lot of work. Let your bridesmaids know that you are not expecting a gift from them at your engagement party/wedding and that their participation and presence on your wedding day is a gift enough!


Thank you so much to Andria for sharing this all-too-helpful information with us! To connect with Andrie Leigh Events about your upcoming nuptials, reach out via her Brides of Austin vendor profile. Happy planning!

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