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Top 8 Bridal Beauty Tips

Choosing your wedding hair and makeup can be a challenge, and where should you even begin with skin prep, searching for your ideal style, and planning out your day-of beauty schedule? With these bridal beauty tips from Sunny Hair + Makeup, you are sure to be prepped and ready-to-go when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup. Looking and feeling beautiful in your own skin is an oh-so essential key to having the best wedding day, and choosing a MUA that will help you do that is a step you do not want to miss. Read on for all the expert tips – cheers!

Top 8 Bridal Beauty Tips

Photo // Josh and Dana Fernandez

Tip 1: Prep Your Skin

Skin prep is very important. The better shape your skin is in, the better your makeup will look. Ideally, you should begin prepping your skin right when you get engaged. Start with a good at-home skincare routine. It is a great idea to start with an esthetician getting monthly facials. If it’s already close to your wedding, it’s never to late to start with a great at-home skincare routine. Going one month and then two weeks before your wedding for a facial will ensure your skin is looking great for your big day.

Tip 2: Search for Your Ideal Style

Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas for your hair and makeup. I would start with searching for what you know you want. For example, “natural wedding makeup” or “boho updo.” You’ll narrow down the results if you search for specifics. If you’re not sure, you can always start with “wedding hair” or “wedding makeup” and start narrowing down what you. like from there. It always helps for people to show the artist some things that they like as sometimes it’s hard to verbalize what you’re thinking.

Tip 3: Have Ideas in Mind For Your Trial

Typically a bride shows up with some pictures on her phone of some looks that she likes and what she has in mind that she’d like to try out. We have a little consultation there and talk about what will work best and then we go for it! You get your full hair and makeup done just like it will get done on the day. We then talk about anything you may want to tweak and make sure it’s exactly what you want on the day of your wedding. You should bring whatever hair accessories you’re wanting to use as well as a veil if you’re not sure about how it will work. For makeup, if you have a specific lipstick you know you want to use, bring that too!

Tip 4: Make Your Eyes Pop with False Lashes

Not all false eyelashes are the same. If you have in your mind this idea of crazy, long lashes, that’s not necessarily what you have to get. We typically use lashes that are going to look natural on people, but just make them look like they have fabulous lashes. It really helps make those eyes pop!

Tip 5: Allot Enough Time for Hair + Makeup On Your Wedding Day

We work in maximum four hour time blocks and just bring as many of our artists as we need to get everyone done in that amount of time. Typically there is someone working on the hair while another artist is working on someone else’s makeup and each take about 30 minutes per service. We allow an hour and a half for the bride to make sure her look is perfect.

Tip 6: Always Keep Your MUA in the Loop

After the artists are done doing the hair and makeup, we will be sure to ask if anyone needs any touchups before we leave. We also give you a lipstick touchup kit to take with you for later. We do not stay beyond that unless it has be arranged by the bride ahead of time. If you know that anyone has extra thick or long hair, it is good to let us know ahead of time and if you are wanting us to come back for touchups after the ceremony, we can add that on!

Tip 7: Keep Your Hands Off

Don’t touch your hair and if you sweat or cry, be sure to pat or dab your face, not wipe. The makeup will last up to 20 hours, so there’s not much you need to do!

Tip 8: Remember You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are!

Your future spouse loves you just the way you are! Hair and makeup is there not to change you, but just enhance the beauty you already have. You can’t go wrong!

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