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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Laurel Corrinne Studio

There’s more to bridal beauty than hair and makeup — we’re talking skincare today! We’ve asked Laurel Corrinne, owner of Laurel Corrinne Studio in Austin, to share some of her best beauty tips as well as give a behind the scenes look at how she helps brides look and feel their best! From micro needling and CoolSculpting services to sunless body blends and more, Laurel is passionate about helping brides not only achieve their wedding day goals, but also to enjoy beautiful skin longterm. Keep reading to learn how to de-stress before your big day!

Ask the Expert - Q&A with Laurel Corrinne Studio

Photo // Gregg Cestaro Photography

 Must have bridal beauty tips?

First, it’s important to destress with yoga and exercise, drink lots of water, eat veggies, salads, healthy meats and get plenty of beauty sleep! Create a body shaping and skin care plan!

When is the best time to start your pre-wedding beauty prep?

Start as soon as you know the date! If you plan on CoolSculpting for body shaping, it takes four months for the results to reach the target goal! Skincare takes time, too.

Tell us about the most popular services you offer for brides to be.

  • Facials treatments with Forever Young BBL (Broad Band Light) Energy that penetrate to deeper layers of the skin. Fountain of Youth technology that boosts the body’s natural ability to tighten and brighten. 
  • Add in-studio treatments and personalized at-home skincare with Biologique Recherche, a French Biological skincare line formulated with high quality concentrated active ingredients that rejuvenate, rebalance and transform the skin. 
  • CoolSculpting is the FDA cleared procedure for non-invasive fat removal. An effective fat freezing treatment for stubborn pockets of fat with no downtime and great results! 
  • A ‘Sunless Body Blend’ several days before the Wedding! My own, patent-pending, no spray sunless tan. It is the most natural-looking tan! A long-lasting, moisturizing and gently fading tan.

How can a bride look and feel her best on her wedding day?

Delegate the work! Do lots of self care!

What do brides find most beneficial about your services?

It’s a private studio where we work together for a holistic approach to the most beautiful, bright bride on that special day!

A very special thank you to Laurel Corrinne, owner of Laurel Corrinne Studio for sharing her expert wedding beauty tips. If you’re interested in having Laurel help you create a customized beauty or maintenance plan, you can contact her directly through her Brides of Austin vendor profile.