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Style School | Incorporating the Season’s Top Trends into Your Wedding

The world of wedding trends is ever-changing, and we’ve seen firsthand how nothing, not even a global pandemic, can slow that down! With trends forever changing, it can be hard to stay in-the-loop with what’s trending now versus what will soon fall out of style. While having a trendy wedding is all the rage, what will the trends you choose say about your wedding design in future years? Balancing timeless details with trendy pieces while also staying true to your own style can be a challenge, but that’s where the expert advice from Andria Leigh Events comes in! For this lesson in our Style School editorial, we’re talking all things on how to incorporate the season’s top trends seamlessly into your wedding to create a day you’ll always look back on and love. Scroll to read all of the details and to learn about Andria Leigh Events’ favorite wedding trends so far in 2021. Cheers!

Photos // Juliana Aragon

What resources do you use to determine top trends for the upcoming year?

Pinterest has always been a consistent source for inspiration, however, it can start to feel overwhelming and repetitive with the same trend pinned over-and-over again on your feed. When I want to get outside the box, I love browsing interior design and fashion magazines for fresh color patterns and texture inspiration. I also love pulling inspiration from restaurants – whether it be the unique light fixtures over the bar, funky wallpaper in the restrooms or patterned tile flooring.

How do you balance incorporating top trends into a wedding design while staying true to your couple’s style?

Listening to our couple’s vision always comes first and foremost, and then we look to weave in creative design suggestions along the way. Our couples tend to have a starting idea of what they want for their wedding, but it’s our job to bring that vision to life with special touches and new ideas. While we strive for consistency with our overall brand and aesthetic, we also make a point that no wedding ever looks or feels the same! Every one of our weddings speaks to the couple, their interests and their story.

How do you balance trendy design with a timeless style that any couple would look back on and love?

The majority of our couples aim for that “timeless” wedding look, however, they aren’t afraid of incorporating color. As much as we love the classic, crisp feel of a white and green wedding or the soft, romanticism evoked from a cream and blush palette, there’s something playful and extraordinary about a wedding with color! 

Style School | Incorporating the Season's Top Trends into Your Wedding

What are your favorite 2021 wedding trends?

I’m definitely loving the more intimate-sized weddings that allow our clients to create a full guest experience featuring stylish tableware, customized signage and individual hor d’oeuvre plates. I’m also always a big fan of mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses in different hues, prints and textures!

A special thank you to Andria Volpicelli from Andria Leigh Events for sharing her insight on incorporating this season’s top wedding trends into your wedding! Visit Andria Leigh Events’ Brides of Austin vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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