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Top 5 Logistical Mistakes Couples Make on Their Wedding Day

It’s inevitable – you planned out your wedding to pure perfection, but yet there was still a logistical mistake that occurred along the way – and that’s completely okay! When this does happen, that’s when one of our top Austin wedding planners comes in to save the day in their oh-so-gracious and expert fashion. In order to help couples avoid these mistakes, we asked the lovely ladies over at Etc. Coordinators about what the top logistical mistakes are that couples make when planning out the logistical details, and how they could best be avoided when the wedding day rolls around! While it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed, stressed out and skip over a few details in the months leading up to the celebration, we’ve made a quick and easy list of the top five logistical mistakes to easily look through and get all the info you could need on how they can be avoided. Read on to learn about the top 5 logistical mistakes couples make on their wedding day, and to see how Etc. Coordinators can help with just that – cheers!

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1. Set Up & Tear Down Allotment

Not contracting enough time at the venue to account for adequate set up and tear down is a crucial error. Since we come on board at about six weeks, our contract review usually includes tweaking how much time each vendor needs to load in and out.

2. Vendor Arrival Timeline

Prioritizing which vendor comes first on a timeline can be tough. We do not expect our couples to know that tables and linens need to be set before centerpieces arrive, but every minute counts on a wedding day. Once we can see how you have envisioned your day, we can create the best itinerary for every vendor to move in smoothly.

3. Guest Flow

Don’t forget to factor in enough time in for guest movement. A ceremony could be 20 minutes long, but that doesn’t mean that your cocktail hour can start right away. Our package always includes a lead coordinator and assistant to help with these transitions. Your guests shouldn’t have to think about where to go next.

4. Family Involvement

Your personal decor items can’t set themselves. Each vendor is an expert in their area, and we like to keep it that way. In addition, your family members should only have to show up to celebrate. Part of our services include setting up and removing all personal items to help eliminate any question on who is responsible for what.

Top 5 Logistical Mistakes Couples Make on Their Wedding Day

5. Ceremony Logistics

The most intricate part of the day can be the ceremony logistics. Without help orchestrating the officiant, bridal party, music and more, you can lose sight of the most important moment of the day – your vows, of course. Our package includes the ceremony rehearsal to help set expectations for the following day.

A huge thank you to Jodi Premack from Etc. Coordinators for her advice on logistical mistakes couples make and how to avoid them on your wedding day! Visit Etc. Coordinators’ Brides of Austin vendor profile here, where you can find all of the amazing services they offer to help you on your big day – cheers!

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