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Molly + Katie

Photos: Lauren Garrison Photography


Molly + Katie

UNO Reverse Proposal


After meeting in college and dating for 5 years, Katie planned a couple’s photography session a few months in advance, under the guise of “we don’t have any nice pictures of ourselves”. The photoshoot took place right after sunrise at Mt. Bonnel (the first place Katie brought Molly for a date when she visited Austin for the first time). Lauren, the photographer, had set up a cue to let Katie know when it was time to propose. Katie missed the cue for ~10 minutes before realizing and proposing. In the midst of the tears and excitement, Molly had bought a ring “just in case” and proposed as well, with the line “Not to pull an UNO reverse on you, but…. will you marry me too?” Katie and Lauren were both crying after the surprise double proposal. Molly had her suspicions that the engagement might be coming… but Katie threw in some red herrings beforehand, so it was still a surprise! Molly’s ring is a green garnet haloed in diamonds with heart-shaped diamonds on each side, and Celtic engravings along the band. Katie’s ring is a beautiful blue sapphire with clusters of moissanite on each side and a simple white gold band. Katie’s parents were just around the corner and emerged with a bottle of champagne after the double proposal. We went to brunch after, where Katie surprised Molly by having arranged for friends from Disney & college that she hadn’t seen in years fly down to surprise her and celebrate the engagement. It was a magical weekend of friendship, celebration, and lots of laughter and tears.




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