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Alice + Michael

Photos: Casey Tang


Alice + Michael

Perfectly Captured Moments


I knew Michael was going to propose that day because he’d told me in July that he intended to propose by the end of the year, and it was already New Year’s Eve. We were visiting his parents in Houston and woke up early on a Saturday morning to head to Eck Bakery to pick up some of my favorite baked goods – pineapple buns. Unfortunately, someone had ordered their entire batch that morning, so we settled for some of their statewide famous egg tarts instead, and Michael snapped a polaroid picture of me holding them in front of the store. I drink a matcha latte every morning, so I wanted to go to the coffee shop next, but Michael insisted we get a matcha milk tea from Yum Cha instead. He took another polaroid photo here, and I knew it was somehow related to the proposal but I wasn’t sure exactly how just yet. Our next destination was River Oaks, where we did some shopping and took a polaroid selfie in front of some Christmas trees that were still up, as well as a snapshot of the luxury vehicles the valets were parking. We stopped in Assouline to look at luxury coffee table books and Michael took a picture there before we headed to a bookstore called Murder by The Book. This was somewhere we hadn’t been before, but it was a bookstore that only sold murder mystery books, and there were way more than I could’ve guessed! Our final destination for the photo crawl of (mostly) our favorite spots around Houston was Hermann Park, where Michael took a photo of me in front of the Miller Amphitheater. We headed to Discovery Park and he laid out all the photos in order: Miller Amphitheater, Assouline, River Oaks, River Oaks again, Yum Cha, Murder by The Book, and Eck Bakery. I didn’t get it until then – I was so shocked he had to explain that he was spelling “MARRY ME” out with the photos! It was a really sweet moment because he wanted to personalize it for me with photos since I’m a wedding photographer, and also still have mementos to remember the day by since I didn’t want to have our proposal professionally photographed (I was worried it would take me too much out of the moment and I’d stress too much about how I looked!). The ring was perfect, and I couldn’t stop staring at it when we went to a restaurant afterwards for dinner. The restaurant was decorated with balloons and lights for new year’s, and we watched the sun set over the Houston skyline from the rooftop dining area. It was the perfect day and we even ate the best cheesecake I’ve ever had at B&B Butchers.




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