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Kimmy + Micah

Photos: Tess Leslie Photography


Kimmy + Micah

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime


2016 was undoubtedly a life-changing year. Micah and I met on the first day of Intro to Tax class in the spring while studying at UT Austin – Hook ’em! He sat right behind me, cracked jokes the entire class, and then immediately introduced himself when class ended. From there, we became fast friends and spent countless hours studying together, trying to figure out what we were going to do after college. Being from Dallas, Micah had already known he was going to start his full-time job back home. As I was interviewing for jobs, Micah took it upon himself to pick me up and show me around his old stomping grounds, and ultimately sold me on moving to Dallas post-grad as well. I remember specifically calling my mom and telling her about this sweet guy and our fun tour of my future home. She said, “be sure to thank Micah for me for taking such good care of you.” That summer, my mom’s health took a turn for the worst. She had been battling cancer for 12 long years and we had run out of options. I moved back home to help take care of her during the last weeks of her life, where we baked her famous chocolate chip cookies and watched Christmas in July movies together (very fitting as she was known in our family as the Christmas Queen, who always made sure every single person in our large, crazy family had an individualized gift). It was one of the hardest and simultaneously the most cherished summer of my life. Transitioning back to college in the fall for my senior year was undoubtedly difficult, but doable with the support of my family, friends, and especially Micah. We remained close friends over the next few years, making a point to catch up regularly as we started our careers. One of our first “dates” was one of those catch-ups. I had been assigned to a 6 month project in Germany and wanted to meet up before I left. What started out as a short get together turned into an all day hangout of brunch at the Nasher Sculpture Center, exploring downtown Dallas together, and ending with dinner at Hillstone with Micah’s best friends from high school. It was truly representative of the friendship we’ve always had – being able to lose track of time just hanging out and laughing with each other. I came back from Germany towards the end of 2019, and then the pandemic hit. Neither of us were traveling for work anymore, and as fate would have it, were both making a list of people we wanted to check in on during this crazy time. We reached out to each other and Micah came over to go on a walk outside with my then 6 month puppy, Oakley. This time, something felt different for both of us. Micah asked me out on a date to watch the sunset and sip on wine at White Rock Lake. The perfect combo! Two years later, Micah brings me back to the Nasher Sculpture Center after hours. As soon as we walked into the garden, music started playing and he guided me to the back under the willow trees where there was champagne waiting (the same champagne we shared during our brunch hangout). Just as our song started playing, he knelt down on one knee and proposed. He planned the perfect engagement weekend starting with a photoshoot with the one and only Tess Rolli (and one of my best friends from high school), rented a lake house with some of our best friends, and then surprised me with a huge engagement party with all of our loved ones! Truly memories to last a lifetime. Since then, we bought a home and moved back to Austin together, and adopted a second pup, Ollie. Austin has always felt like home to us and has been so special to our relationship. Now, we’re planning a holiday wedding for this December filled with brunch food, mimosa bar, and as much Christmas décor as the beautiful Woodbine Mansion can handle! Christmas has always meant so much to my family, and I know it will be a great way to honor my mom and feel as close as possible to her during a time that I’ve always imagined she would’ve been a huge part of. If you can’t tell from our photos, our dogs mean the absolute world to us and I love our little family. We are so excited for December and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!




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