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Elaine + Brian

Photos: Sarah Stip


Elaine + Brian

Well, Well, Well Romance


One night in early April 2021, Brian was hanging out with people when he came across a girl tagged in a friend’s photo – he thought she was beautiful so he asked his friend if she was single, to which he responded she is and that he would introduce them one day. A couple of months later in late June, Elaine was on the greeting team at The Well Church when this handsome guy walks in at her door; they greet each other, he walks in, and then Elaine runs to her friend to tell her about the handsome guy who just walked through her door. A week later there is a group planning to go swimming at Jacob’s Well in Austin. The beautiful girl was going, and the handsome guy managed to get a ticket after someone else gave theirs away because they couldn’t make it. Neither knew the other was going to be attending. Beautiful girl and handsome guy still hadn’t properly met yet, they just both knew of each other at this point and at different times over the last couple of months made comments to other people about wanting to meet. Handsome guy arrives at the location, a beautiful girl arrives at the location, and both proceed to play dumb like they didn’t know who the other was when they finally introduced themselves…”Hi, I’m Brian” says one…”Hi, I’m Elaine” says the other. Eventually, after a couple of months of being in similar circles and getting to know one another, Brian and Elaine began dating each other, and now on March 17, 2023, what started at The Well Church…and then was sparked at Jacob’s Well…will come to fruition at Wish Well House. Well, Well, Well…




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