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Alexandra + Mollie

Photos: Gabrielle Stowe Photography


Alexandra + Mollie

Mountain Top Proposal


“Because she deserves it”, is how I confidently respond when people ask why I would propose back to my fiancé, Mollie, when we were “already engaged”. If you know Mollie, you know she is one of the most selfless, humble humans that would never expect this. While the proposal she curated six months prior was perfect for me, I wanted to give her a moment that celebrated who she is, exemplified her strengths, and commemorated a special place for our relationship. When we began dating, Mollie told me that “carving fresh snow on her snowboard” was her favorite sound; coincidentally, after only one month of dating, we spontaneously traveled from Austin to this very mountain in Colorado (mind you I had ZERO experience and a fear of heights). Our first trip I quickly learned that Mollie was a teammate that respected my cautious boundaries, endlessly encouraged me, and was flexible with inevitable travel hiccups. Our third season here together and on Valentine’s weekend, I knew I had to make sure to give Mollie her moment in her happy place. For the record, even with a couple shots of alcohol, I was nervous as hell on the way to the top of this advanced blue run, ‘Anticipation’ (appropriate, no?)…I wanted to nail the timing with a photographer I had hired and Mollie was skeptical I wasn’t going to make it down that mountain without injury as a novice (she was right, but that’s another story!). Thankfully my wicked cool future brother-in-law and Mollie’s best friend was there to help pull off the timing and surprise. A proposed photo-opp that turned into a proposal, I was relieved she had tears of joy in her eyes when I dropped to my knee (not an easy feat in skis, you can imagine!). We spent the next few hours with our professional skiing photographer shredding down the mountain, steaming up the gondola with sweet kisses, and giggling as we sprayed champagne at each other. You couldn’t smear the smiles off our faces if you tried. Loving each other with intention, the choice of choosing, is a skill, not an accident. It was the perfect day to celebrate the action of choosing one another, as we plan to do for the rest of our lives. This day just had a little ice to sweeten the deal!




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