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Before I Do

Lauren + Drew

by Jennifer Mathis


photo | Kayla Snell


A Surprise Barcelona Proposal

It was March 2018 and Lauren was on a much needed vacation with her mom. Every year, her mom has a work trip in Italy and Lauren always said one of these days she was going to tag along. She finally pulled the trigger and she and her mom had decided after the trade show in Italy, that they would travel to Spain and enjoy five days there together. They spent the first two days riding bikes through the city, visiting La Sagrada Familia, drinking wine, and eating delicious tapas. On their second night in Barcelona, Lauren suggested they go grab a drink on a rooftop bar at the hotel across the street and watch the sunset. This hotel – The Barcelo Raval, was famous for its rooftop which boasted a 360­-degree view of the city. As they walked across the street, Lauren noticed her mom was acting a bit “off.” At the hotel, her mom suggested they take the stairs instead of the elevators and then was insistent on which way they walked. Lauren was a bit confused but shrugged it off. They got up to the rooftop, and Lauren wanted to head to the bar but her mom had other plans. She was leading the way but then abruptly turned around and started quickly walking the other direction. Lauren was in the midst of asking her mom, “What is wrong with you? Why are you acting so weird?” when she rounded the corner — and there he was, 5,000 miles from where he was supposed to be in Austin, TX. She couldn’t believe it. As soon as she saw him dressed to the nines with a photographer in tow, she knew her life was about to change for the better. Drew said the sweetest words (although both of them got so lost in the moment they cannot recall exactly what was said) and proceeded to get down on one knee and ask Lauren to marry him. Never in a million years did she dream of a proposal as romantic as a fly­-across-­the-­world­-surprise-­Barcelona-­rooftop-­proposal, but she did realize in that moment how lucky she was.