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Before I Do

Macey + Omar

by Jennifer Mathis


photo | Honey Gem Creative


I actually had a pretty good idea that the proposal was coming. I told my fiance that when and if it happened, my best friend and sister would need to be in Austin to celebrate with us. This could only happen during a two week span in April of last year so I was mentally prepared. Being that one weekend was my birthday, I was certain it would happen the preceding week. I had brought up with him in the previous months that I would also like some of my other friends (that are in the wedding party) there as well. He said he wanted to keep it small and didn’t want so much pressure on himself. I believed him and dropped it.

Omar told me earlier in the week that he wanted to take me wine tasting that Saturday. I knew it! I got a manicure and even scheduled to get a blow out that morning. We got dressed up and went out to the wineries. He was obviously very nervous and kept touching his jacket pocket to make sure he hadn’t lost anything.

At the Driftwood Family Estates winery, he took me under the trees overlooking the hill country and said some things that I honestly don’t remember because I blacked out in the moment. I said yes and turned around to see our families and my best friend. We hung around the winery for about an hour when he told me that we had to go home to change to get to a nice dinner that evening. We would meet up with the family afterwards.

We got home and I opened the door to see our dogs with special collars on and then realized there were decorations and food. I turned the corner and then saw all of our best friends standing on the staircase!

My fiance had spent the previous couple months planning a big surprise party for me. Since I knew that the proposal was coming, he wanted something else to surprise me with. All of that talk about wanting to keep it small and not invite anyone else? Lies! He had already spoken to them when I told them that he didn’t want to have anything big!

We spent the rest of the night surround by friends and family. It was perfect.