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Before I Do

Alicia + Ben

by Brides of Austin


photo | Two Pair Photography


Winning Big in Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… well, not for Ben and Alicia. What happened in Vegas grew into a relationship, a ring, and a wedding (not all in the same night)! Though they started strong, they resisted the temptation to run to the Little White Chapel and have been together ever since.

It all started in October of 2015, Alicia and Ben found themselves on a work trip to Sin City. A hopeless romantic, Ben tried to woo Alicia on the casino floor. Alicia, the young professional that she is, adamantly refused. Her rebuff didn’t last long, as Ben’s British charm (and accent) won her over by the end of the night. From that moment on, the unrequited love blossomed into a long distance love story.

They left Vegas with each other’s numbers (and a bit of a hangover) and stayed in contact from LA to Austin. Staying in touch turned into regular visits and regular visits turned into long weekend getaways. Finally, Alicia moved to Austin to be with Ben. Three years later, the rest is history!

Cut to late April 2018, when Ben took Alicia out to a casual Wednesday night dinner at Suerte, a new Mexican restaurant on the East Side. Alicia was too focused on the Mexican food (her all time favorite cuisine) to realize anything was off. However, Ben and Alicia had been talking about getting engaged for a couple of months, so of course Alicia had been trying to sneak some details out of him about when it was going to happen. After many chips and mezcal cocktails, Alicia conceded that she’d stop pestering him about the engagement. ­­She knew that when it would happen, it would be the right time. Ben smiled and nodded, ring in pocket. They wrapped up dinner and headed back to their apartment to call it a night. When Alicia opened the door, she was shocked to see roses, champagne, a clean apartment, and a pair of suitcases. Alicia, stunned, turned on her heels to face Ben, down on one knee. Ben said some sweet nothings, handed Alicia the ring, and stood up. Alicia, laughing and crying, asked Ben, “Wait, don’t you have to ask me a question?!” Through all the planning and the nerves, Ben had forgotten the most important part of the proposal! Alicia said YES, and she opened the card on the table – the bags were packed, bosses were notified, and Ben whisked Alicia off to Santa Fe to celebrate their future.

They’re so excited to start the next phase of their lives together!