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Ice Sculpture

All of your Ice Sculpture Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Ice sculptures are one of those unique wedding details that we can’t help but obsess over when we see them appear in Austin weddings! Not only are they a statement decor piece, but they can also be fully functional to serve up your eats or some incredible memories for your guests. Whether you want an ice sculpture to hold ice cream for a dessert bar, be a fully functional bar for craft cocktails, or even to freeze some florals in for the photo booth backdrop of a lifetime, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures can bring that dream vision to life! Read on to get all the answers for the most frequently asked questions when it comes to having an ice sculpture at your wedding, straight from the experts at Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures. Cheers!

All of your Ice Sculpture Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Photo // SMS Photography

Why should I include an ice sculpture at my wedding?

There are many reasons to include ice in your celebration! It’s a great way to create a memorable experience for you and your guests with interactive displays for cold food items (such as seafood, fruit or ice cream) or for drinks (like luges, bottle/garnish displays or even full bars). Custom engraved cocktail ice also makes for a unique detail with signature drinks!

Can I create my own unique, custom ice sculpture?

Absolutely! We love having parameters to be able to bring designs to life. We have some classic designs, but most of the work is custom made to fit the styles and needs of each event. We usually like to ask for an invitation or save the date as a starting point for the design feel. There are usually some details, text or font that translates well to the ice sculptures that adds continuity to the event design for guests from the first thing they receive through the reception. That can be true for any style!

How long will the sculpture last?

Sculptures are typically presentable for 4-6 hours inside – the ice will still be there, but the shape and details would most likely be washed away. We take great care to properly package and time the delivery of the ice so it is looking its best for that “WOW” first impression when guests arrive. There are a lot of variables for outdoor events that make functional pieces a better fit than detailed displays.

What is the cleanup process for a sculpture?

All of the ice sculptures are displayed in trays that collect the water as it melts, so it is not messy at all! For most sculptures, the onsite staff should be able to toss the ice outside for it to melt away. However, we do offer a breakdown service if requested. It may be required for larger displays that would be unsafe or too much for an on site staff to remove. Breakdowns are priced based on amount of ice and time of day.

How far do you travel?

We typically service between Austin and San Antonio, but are able to travel if need be. We’ve been all over Texas including Dallas, Houston, Fredericksburg, Corpus Christi, Laredo, El Paso – even going as far as St. Louis!

When should an order be placed?

It’s ideal if you are planning from the start to include the ice sculpture – the sooner the better. We ask for a minimum of one month advance notice, especially for larger projects like bars or seafood displays. It makes the whole process smoother if you plan the ice at the same time you are planning how it is being used! If you want a luge and cocktail ice, plan that when you talk with the bar. Want flowers frozen in some ice? Discuss when you meet the florist. Same with the caterer for cold food displays.

Thank you to Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures for answering all of our frequently asked questions when it comes to having ice sculptures at weddings! Visit Full Spectrum’s Brides of Austin vendor profile here, where you can find all of their work and order a custom ice sculpture for your big day!

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