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Ice Sculpture

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures: Cool + Custom Creations

Nothing elevates an event quite like an ice sculpture. These frozen statues add a touch of sophistication and glam to an event that’s difficult to replicate. If you’ve ever dreamed of having one of these masterpieces at your wedding, keep reading to find out why Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures is the company for you!

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Make a Statement

There’s no question that an ice sculpture will demand the attention of your guests. These crystal-clear structures are beautiful, alluring and a sure showstopper! Whether you dream of a traditional ice sculpture, custom cubes or an entire bar made of ice, Full Spectrum has your back.

Custom Ice Sculptures

Full Spectrum’s specialty is their custom ice sculptures. If a client can dream it, they can create it! Some of their past work includes monogrammed ice sculptures, ice bars and 3D replicas of beloved pets.

Along with custom designs, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures also specializes in creating something that is both beautiful and functional. One cool (pun intended) way to do this is by adding an ice luge! A luge is not only interactive, it adds an element of ‘wow’ to your sculpture. An added bonus? Including a luge is complimentary!

Photo: Paige Vaughn Photo

Food and Drink Displays — on Ice!

Another functional way to include an ice sculpture into your big day is to order an ice bar. Full Spectrum has plenty of experience in crafting these stand-alone masterpieces. They’ve done everything from seafood trays and towers to raw bars. Full Spectrum also offers stunning champagne displays and fully functional bars! With a food or drink display, you get the best of everything: purpose, function and beauty.

Photo: John Cain Photography

Custom Cocktail Ice Cubes

If you’re looking for a fun way to enhance your wedding, consider Full Spectrum’s custom cocktail ice cubes. Each cube is typically engraved with 1-3 initials of your choice, adding a fun and personal element to each drink you serve. These custom cubes pair especially well with a luge or ice bar. Whether you choose you and your fiance’s first initials, or the first letter of your new shared last name, these cubes are sure to be a hit!

Photo: The Crakes

Floral-Infused Ice Sculptures

Perfect for weddings, Full Spectrum offers floral-infused ice sculptures to add a pop of color to your crystal-clear masterpiece. The company can freeze fresh blooms into your arrangement or add an entire bouquet into one of their sculptures. Either choice will add beautiful hues, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

Photo: Courtesy of Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures



You’ve got questions? Full Spectrum has answers! Read through some commonly asked questions below to get the scoop on all things ice.

Does Full Spectrum use molds?

No molds here! At Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, EVERY piece is hand sculpted from the 40 x 20 x 10-inch block. This allows us to create and customize any design that our clients can imagine.

How long do sculptures last?

Most sculptures typically will be presentable for up to five to six hours indoors. Outside in the summer, under cover, they will be presentable for approximately four hours. Generally, the finer details melt away, but the overall shape and design of the sculpture will remain for much longer.

What happens to the ice sculpture after the event is over?

Most sculptures can easily be taken down without our assistance. However, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures is available for breakdown and removal service with an additional charge. Larger sculptures such as ice bars will include the cost of these services in the price quote.

How far in advance do I need to order my ice sculpture?

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures asks that a minimum of two weeks notice is given for each order. Popular dates during the wedding and holiday seasons fill up quickly. Last minute orders can sometimes be accommodated. Rush fees will apply.


How far will Full Spectrum travel for an event?

We are willing and able to travel around the country for special projects. Our typical service areas include Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, and St. Louis, MO.

How much does an ice sculpture cost?

Pricing for all sculptures are quoted on an individual basis. Because there are unlimited themes, styles, and sizes available, sculptures are priced based on design, complexity and size. Please call or email your ideas for specific design ideas and corresponding quotes.

Photo: Carhart Photography

Remember, ice doesn’t only have to be for the big day! Engraved cubes or a themed ice sculpture would be a hit for a bachelor or bachelorette weekend, a bridal shower, an engagement party or rehearsal dinner! 

Whether you’re looking for a custom sculpture with your initials, speciality ice cubes or an entire seafood ice bar, Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures is here to bring your vision to life! Learn more about the company’s offerings on their vendor profile.

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