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How to Choose Your Honeymoon – Tips from Luxe Departures

Imagine that you’ve just married the love of your life, now where are you headed for your honeymoon? Not sure? We’re here to help you answer that question with expert tips from travel specialist and founder of Luxe Departures, Ashley Heath. Ashley designs travel experiences that help couples create memories to last a lifetime and  enhance their relationships, as well as foster an understanding of other cultures. We’ve asked the burning questions that will help you start making your dream honeymoon a reality! Enjoy!

How to Choose Your Honeymoon - Tips from Luxe Departures

What is the first thing you recommend couples do to decide on their honeymoon location?

Work together to decide on a location that is of interest to both of you. Often, one party will do all the planning, and the trip is then tailored more to their preferences than to both.

What should they take into consideration during this process?

Planning a wedding is time consuming, so don’t leave planning your honeymoon until the last minute. Make sure you plan early to get the best rates and availability.

Is there a difference when booking a honeymoon vs. a regular vacation? If so, what are those difference and what should couples be prepared for?

This is a trip to start your life together as a married couple, so make sure you decide on what you want to do together and consult a travel agent as online sites can lead honeymooners astray with all the different reviews. Consult someone that is a professional who has been to the location or knows much about it and can inform you properly to manage expectations. You will remember your honeymoon forever so try to make it as stress free as possible so you can focus on each other and avoid unnecessary stressful situations as this is your time to enjoy one another. You don’t want hiccups on your honeymoon!

In your experience, what is the most overlooked honeymoon preparation?

Planning ahead and working together to make sure you both get what you want out of it. Also, if you want a luxurious one, but are tight on funds, think about adding a honeymoon fund to your gift registry.

How do you help couples find not only the best honeymoon destination, but the best itinerary as well?

I talk with them in depth together to find out what they both are looking for. I also try to make sure they are realistic with their time frame and budget for certain destinations and what is going to be relaxing versus a hectic schedule. I also try to find out if one is more active, then we can create an itinerary that includes some active experiences for one and the other might want to spend time at the spa. You don’t have to be together every minute of every day on your honeymoon. Sometimes it’s nice to have a couple hours apart and then come back together.

What perks are you able to help honeymooners get during their travels?

I provide 100% support while working with you and while on your trip, plus I can provide you with many extra amenities such as complimentary upgrades and breakfast, resort credits, early/late check in and out, honeymoon gifts and peace of mind that you are in good hands! I also save honeymooners a lot of time researching that they could be putting toward their wedding or other aspects of life due to my extensive portfolio of honeymoon options.

What is your goal when you walk couples through this process?

To make sure I have listened to details about what each person wants to create the best experience for both of them.

What is the best piece of advice you could give any couple starting this process?

Start early and consult a professional who knows the destination!

A special thank you to Ashley Heath, travel specialist and founder of Luxe Departures. To get her help planning your customized, dream honeymoon contact Ashley directly via her Brides of Austin vendor profile.

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