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What Is a Minimoon and Why Do You Need One?

By now, it’s safe to say you’ve heard the phrase “minimoon” – and no, you’ve not been hearing people say “honeymoon” wrong! Taking prominence after COVID-19, minimoons offer a shorter, cheaper and closer option for newlyweds right after the wedding day. While minimoons happen right after the wedding, they are not necessarily an alternative to honeymoons (read more below!). We’ve broken down all the details on minimoons – what they are, how to take one, as well as some minimoon ideas right here in Texas. Either on your own or with the help of one of our travel partners, happy minimoon planning!



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What is a minimoon?

So, what even is a minimoon? A minimoon is simply a short vacation spent together by a newly married couple. Typically a long weekend (up to 5 days) that gives couples a much-needed resting period after all of the stress of planning a wedding. A minimoon typically precedes a honeymoon and can be taken right after the wedding day. Essentially a “micro” honeymoon, minimoons are aimed to keep you close to town while still giving you the romantic getaway offered by a larger honeymoon.


Minimoon vs honeymoon?

A minimoon can include all of the traditional elements of a honeymoon, just on a smaller scale – you still get to escape to somewhere secluded to enjoy your first few days as a married couple without any outside distractions. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do one or the other – the minimoon lets you save up for that big trip later!

Some differences between a minimoon and a traditional honeymoon can be:


For the couple that just forked over a big chunk of change to have their dream wedding day, a minimoon is a much more affordable option for a newlywed getaway! Some couples who have a tight budget might have completely scratched out any chance of a romantic few days after the wedding anyway – but, a huge benefit of the minimoon is the expense associated along with it.

With a honeymoon, the expenses can pile up fast – accommodations being the biggest, on top of transportation to get there as well as while you’re on vacation. But, with a minimoon, you’re choosing to stay close as well as cutting out overnight expenses with the shorter time frame. Even if you wanted to splurge and stay at the nicest hotel around, you won’t be spending near as much as you would for a two-week trip, simply because you’re not staying for as many nights!

Because of the travel expenses and accommodations costs, you may be tempted to skimp on the other parts of the holiday – eating out, going on day trips, having a spa day – but with a minimoon, you can stay at the nicer place, eat the fancier food, and treat yourself for a small amount of time!



As mentioned earlier, one of the things that makes a minimoon “mini” is the short amount of time! This shorter timespan allows for a less expensive trip and also doesn’t require asking off of work for too much time. Say you’ve already asked off a week for your wedding (plus a few additional days after), those days following your wedding are perfect to squeeze in that minimoon! You may not be allowed an additional 14 days off for a big trip at the time, and a minimoon will maybe only add 3-4 additional days. If you’re self-employed, you also need to be careful with how many days you give yourself off. The minimoon can be that perfect compromise!



You only get one honeymoon (boo… we know), but with a minimoon, you can essentially get two! With the traditional honeymoon, there can often be a lot of pressure for it to be “perfect,” seeing that you won’t get to have another huge adventure like that. Coming along with that can be a lot of strain – picking THE hotel,  location and activities to do while you’re there. With the minimoon, that pressure doesn’t exist. You can spend that time getting the needed relaxation and share those close moments without the pressure of it “being perfect” or having to make the most of every moment. You can get a break now and visit that dream destination at another time!



Another super convenient thing about a minimoon is that you can stay somewhere close by, a little “staycation” if you will, in the state you were married in! Honeymoons often take couples out of the country or somewhere exotic, while a minimoon can be in driving distance from your wedding location. While it may not be the beach, it could be a cozy cabin in the woods or a couple nights downtown in a luxury hotel! Additionally, flights can often bring on more stress, while a quick drive to a romantic location is more stress-free (and cost effective!).


Staying grounded

After planning a wedding, it can be easy to fall out of tune with reality. While a honeymoon is often an additional escape from reality, minimoons are a great way to keep you grounded in real life and work as an easy transition into your new normal, married life.


Tips for a great minimoon:

Compliment your later honeymoon (if applicable)

If you are planning on honeymooning on the beach at an exotic location, have a city-centric minimoon! A couple nights out on the town enjoying the best shops, restaurants and different cultures will be an alternate experience than you will get by relaxing on the beach. Variety will give you two different experiences to cherish and enjoy!


Keep it simple

As mentioned earlier, minimoons offer less pressure and expectations than the traditional honeymoon. Keeping plans and activities simple are the essence of a minimoon, making it more low key and relaxing. You don’t have to have an extravagant trip to properly celebrate your wedding!


Set a realistic budget

As with anything, first setting a budget will give you a feel for the type you can have and all that you can do. Prioritize the things you want to do and also figure out the things you don’t think will be needed on your trip. Then, apply all of those things to your budget! You now have a simple, affordable couple of days that you can enjoy free of money stress (and all other stresses!).



With the smaller time frame, your minimoon will likely go by super fast! Don’t forget to stay present in the moments – unplug! Avoid social media and let everyone know you won’t be replying for a couple of days (so they aren’t worried) so you can soak in that newlywed life. But, don’t skimp on the picture taking!


Minimoon ideas in Texas:

  • Hiking and exploring the outdoors in West Texas at Guadalupe Mountains National Park or kayaking at The Texas Colorado River
  • Soak in all of the Texas history by visiting the Alamo or the Texas State Capitol
  • Take in the culture with a weekend in Austin visiting The Mexican American Cultural Center or in Houston visiting The Museum of Fine Arts
  • Take a trip down south to Galveston Island or South Padre Island – a mini beach vacay!
  • Visit vineyards and go on wine tours in Texas Wine Country
  • Have a small town getaway by visiting the Silos in Waco
  • Take in the city life with a city-centric minimoon in Dallas, Austin, Amarillo or Houston

Read our honeymoon planning tips here and connect with our local travel agents to start planning your minimoon!

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