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Before I Do

Georgette + Brian

by Alli Vaughan


photo | Sophie Epton Photography


Georgette and Brian are always looking for their next getaway, so each year they try to take at least one big trip together. They had visited many memorable places, but their 2016 trip was going to be extra special. They were visiting Little Corn Island, a tiny island off of Nicaragua, where Georgette’s mother was born. Brian had never been, and Georgette was so excited to share this part of her family history with him. Once there, the vacation was a dream. They went sailing on a colorful handmade sailboat, sipped on piña coladas and started each morning with yoga. Everything was perfect. The day before they were set to return home, Georgette remembered she had seen a couple of photos of people on a driftwood swing on the beach. She asked Brian if they could walk the island in search of the spot. Brian said yes, grabbed their camera and tripod, and they were on their way. Hand-in-hand, they talked about their favorite moments of the trip, wondered if Peanut (their beloved Maltipoo) missed them, and brainstormed next-vacation ideas (little did she know they were planning their Honeymoon destination). Before she knew it, her swing was before her. She quickly ran over to the swing, and Brian took a couple of photos of her. Then he suggested they take one together. He ran over, and instead of posing with her on the swing, he dropped down on one knee and asked if she would love him forever. In her excitement, Georgette couldn’t manage to get the word “yes” out. Instead, she nodded repeatedly. Still, he knew her answer.