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Before I Do

Errica + Tim


photo | Heather Thompson Photography


Dancing and “I do”

Tim and I met taking line dancing lessons at a little country bar in San Diego. He quite literally bumped into me. I fell in love over some bad dancing and a beer, and I‘ve been correcting his dance moves ever since. Shortly after we met we moved to Austin, TX from California together on a whim. We picked 3 places to visit on the map and were determined to move to one of them. Austin was the first city we visited and we signed a lease right on the spot. No family or friends here to support us, just each other. It has been a true testament of our love and faithfulness to follow and support one another in all aspects of life. On July 29th, 2018 we were wrapping up a trip to San Diego for my uncle’s Navy retirement with a bon voyage at Incahoots! We love being able to go back to the place we met when we are in town for a good time with family and friends. This was no exception. Friends and family arrived and it was “business as usual” but what I didn’t realize was that those friends and family were in on a little surprise. We lucked out and had the entire upstairs to ourselves, which ended up being our backdrop for the big question. As usual we started off with the dance lesson, and a couple of drinks to loosen up those dancing feet while people were arriving. After a few rounds on the dance floor Tim asked me to come upstairs with him. Completely unaware, and still catching my breath from dancing ­ Everyone was anxiously awaiting as Tim got my attention and got down on one knee and caught me by complete surprise! At first I didn’t even believe what was happening – then came the emotions. Through some tears and laughter I finally said yes! The night was so perfect and it means the world to me that he made that grand gesture in the place we met. After leaving the bar we snuck away to grab tacos from our favorite San Diego taco shop and reminisced the night away on the bed of a pick­up. A night I’ll never forget!